Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some crafting done.

I have managed to do a little crocheting, mainly as a sanity saver in amongst the end of year rush.
I helped make kitchen towels for the primary school stalls when my son was there. I don't know how many I made, but I got to the stage where I could do them in my sleep. I doubled the towel over to make it a bit more absorbent. The pattern on the towel is kitchen tools.

I have to show off this flower. I have had this Parodia magnifica for over 5 years. Today it finally flowered!

Ah well, that's the end of my lunch break, back to cleaning the house. We are hosting Christmas this year. My sister, her children and granddaughter will hopefully be coming down from Gympie. They get flood bound easily. There is more rain on the way, so I hope they are able to still come.
Take care everyone,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Now why didn't I inherit........

This waist!!!!

I was having a clean up recently and came across this. The petticoat is all that is left of Mum's beautiful lace wedding dress. She was (still is) a dressmaker and did an absolutely brilliant job making not only her dress but all dresses for the bridesmaids and the flower girl.
I could not do the petticoat zipper up when I was twelve! She had a 22 inch waist. I think that's about my thigh's measurement.
I've been keeping it, just in case I can think of something to do with the satin. It had yellowed, but after a soak and wash, it has returned to its original colour.
After a very busy month, I got back into my sewing room last night. Boy, did that feel good. I have also picked up the Gardener's Journal stitching again. I'm on holidays, thinking only of Christmas preparations, my garden and crafting for at least 4 weeks, before mayhem starts again.
For those of you who know my son, he made it to week 7 this time. If anyone knows of an apprenticeship in car mechanics or a tradesman assistant's job going on the northside of Brisbane with an understanding boss, please let me know.
Take care everyone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fingers Crossed!

My boy has been unemployed for awhile - various reasons. BUT last week he started what we hope to be a mechanics apprenticeship. YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Week 2 and he got up when the alarm went off. Those who know him will understand that that is a BIG thing. It helps that his workplace is a 5 minute drive away and an 8am start. He is not a morning person. ;-)
Now I need help. Anyone got any great ideas on how to get his uniform clean or more precisely mark free? Those drill navy pants are great at disguising the marks, but his navy/fluro yellow synthetic shirts are dreadful. I don't think he cares and I look on them as a sign of hard work.
We are happy. Let's hope the usual week three hurdle won't be so high this time.
Take care,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

Back on August 32st, Janice did her Tuesday Treasure on a brooch, dug up by her Dad. It reminded me of this ring.
About 74 years ago, my Dad , as a 5 year old, found this ring in the dirt at his home in Newmarket, Brisbane. It didn't belong to his mother or the aunts who lived either side. They had all built their homes about 1920 on what was then a new estate.
He was allowed to keep it. It was one of his boyhood treasures, and he gave it to me in my early 20s. It's not gold, probably brass, as it can make my finger green. It does polish up very nicely and I should have done that for this photo. On the band inside the ring is 'M 08' or at least that's what it looks like.
I assume the stone is glass, but secretly hope it is a ruby or garnet. Dad and I have thought is might be a jeweller's sample, made to showcase a design. It was worn at some time as it does have slight wear marks or maybe that was caused by sitting in dirt for an unknown number of years.
I have always been too embarrassed to take it to a jeweller. So if anyone out there can shed any light on it, I would be interested to hear from you.
Have a look at the other treasures on show this week at Clare's Craftroom.
Take care everyone,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back on the 'Crafting' Deck!

Hubbie delivered this quilt to his latest grandniece, with lots of cuddles. He has one more parcel to deliver to the latest grandnephew. I showed that little quilt last month. I used the disappearing 9 patch pattern for both, but arranged the blocks differently. This one is made of 'Spring Fever' by My Sister & Me. The other one was from the blues and browns of their 'Birdie' range.
I adore these 2 ranges and have bought some more to put in the stash.
I have the ordering part of my little job under control now. So I have been able to get back to some stitching for the Gardener's Journal quilt. The end of the year is fast approaching and I still have a bit to do. Still love doing it though and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
Last week, our small 'kitchen table' quilt group went to the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Show. We were there at the start and went out the door at the finish. We certainly make the most of our day. So much to see, so much inspiration!
Tomorrow we are off to play with a new Janome Horizon - one of our group has a new toy.
I am also hoping not to forget a post about Tuesday's Treasures. Been a bit slack on that front.

Take care everyone,

Friday, October 8, 2010

No craft work! Boo Hoo!

No craft work for me for the last 3 days or for the next few days either. I may have already told you that I've taken on the job of Bookshop Convenor at our local high school.
I've just got to one of the busy bits - ordering. I keep saying to myself that next year will be easier, as I will have done it once at least. At the moment I'm trying to find my way through what seems like a maze. Thank heavens the previous Convenor made great notes.
I think we will end up with either a glut or famine of items. What that's saying - it'll be alright on the night! I hope it applies to school bookshops.
Apologies for my slack replying to the lovely people who have left comments lately.
Take care everyone,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They finally arrived!

The photos are out of order, so you'll have to bear with me. I had hope to do a running commentary on our day, but that didn't work out. The reason was that I was the only one to turn up without my strata done. I was behind from the start.

You can see from below we had a good set up. We certainly spread ourselves around - my dining room, lounge and our 'outdoor' room - the outside room you have when hubbie hates mosquitoes.
The top photo is D's quilt waiting for decisions to be made about its borders.
Then Heavens to Bettsy is holding her quilt. It just needs its outer border.
Then its R's quilt, also trialling a possible border.
Where's mine? Well it's still to have the inner 9 blocks sewn together. I promise it will be finished and shown.

We had a great day with morning tea and lunch as well. No afternoon tea stop - too busy.
I think we all give the x-block ruler and book by Quilt Queen Designs the thumbs up.

Hopefully I'll be able to show all the finished quilts soon. A bit more whip cracking I think, of me, of course!

Take care,

Today's Tuesday's Treasure.

I'm waiting for today's treasures to arrive. Today my treasure is the friendships I have - old and new.
We are getting together today. (If they ever arrive! I'm already, well almost.) We are going to have a go at making the above quilt. I have the ruler and book. We have had fun trying to only use stash. Well 3 of us have. One's a good girl, only buying as she needs and is only relatively new to patchwork. Don't worry shops. we're working on her.
I hope to post more photos as we progress.
Pop over to Clare's for her Tuesday Treasure. It is a beaut!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Singapore Post - Promise!

Singapore Zoo is fantastic. It is on a large piece of land that juts out into a large lake that is one of their water reservoirs. Lush green vegetation goes right to the waters edge. Can't you just tell I'm from somewhere that is just out of a long drought.

We had breakfast with the Orang Utans,

played with the Pygmy Hippos through the glass.

and paid $5 for a basket of fruit and vegetables to feed the elephants.

The only cages were for the cats that can jump - leopards and jaguars. All the other animals were in natural settings some with large moats between them and us.

Well worth the visit. They are very into conservation and education. We'd love to go back because we could not see everything or go to all the shows.

Maybe another holiday????

Take care,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raffles Hotel

I have always wanted to have afternoon tea at Raffles Hotel. Luckily we booked it well before we left Australia because it books out weeks in advance.

I even wore a dress! Although the make up was a bit slippery in the humid weather.

The grounds were immaculately groomed - lush greenery, orchids, gingers. The whole hotel closed a few years ago for a huge makeover. They did a wonderful job of it. It is no longer on the waterfront, but about a kilometer in land, thanks to Singapore's land reclamation. We thought we might not be able to take photos inside, but everyone had their cameras out.
As well as the three tiered cake stand there was a buffet of sweet and savoury , Asian and Western dishes.

I had to put in this photo. Sorry DH.

He watched me do the post from the free computers at the Novotel on the 18th Sept. He was a bit disconcerted with the title DH and thought it stood for d...h..d - you can work out what he thought it was. I quickly explained it stood for 'Darling Husband', which he really is.

More photos to come. Sorry to bore you with them, but we had a great time and I want to share how good a destination Singapore is.

On the craft front, I did a quick tidy up in the craft room today and picked up the needle again for the Gardener's Journal SAL.

See you soon,

Friday, September 24, 2010

Singapore Part One

We're back! We had the best time. As I said last time, this trip has been a long time coming.
I would recommend Singapore to anyone. It is friendly, easy to get around, has great food, and so much to see.
Without knowing it we arrived when the Mid-Autumn Festival was being celebrated. Clarke Quay, near where we stayed, was decorated with light displays like the one above.

We went on a "Round Island" bus tour with Tour East. Joseph, our guide, was really informative without lecturing. That's not the word I really mean, but he was good to listen to. We went to the Changi POW Museum - no photo, I was too busy looking at everything there, and had to be called to get back on the bus. We also went to the Kranji War Graves in the north of the island. It was very moving to walk among the graves, reading the names and ages. The names of the ones without graves were engraved onto the walls of the structure at the top of the rise.

We also went to a large Buddhist Temple. It was beautiful, with highly decorated gardens, ponds, sculptures and buildings.
We tried to eat 'local'. Such variety of food styles. This was also how we meet people. Singaporeans are very friendly. Several struck up conversations with us, mainly about the food!

I have some more photos to show you, but Blogger would only let me put these on tonight.
Good excuse for another post.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guess where I am! Sorry no Photos.


DH and I flew out of Brisbane yesterday. I survived the flight for those who know I do not like flying. The guy in front kept putting his seat back so the TV was about 10 inches from my face, but I got my revenge - my knees in his back.

Our hotel is in Clarke Quay. It is F1 GP race week here and the Mid-Autumn Festival so lots happening.

This is my first real overseas trip in 32 years - NZ in 1978. Norfolk Island 6 years ago doesn't count as it is an Australian Territory.

Off today to do the Hop on-Hop off bus.

I'm excited to say the least.

Take care everyone,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A New Bag.

Now this is bordering on a miracle for me! I saw this bag at the Patchwork Tree in Alderley awhile ago. It was made in lovely bright colours. Unfortunately they had run out of the pattern.
Last Friday a friend and I had a very enjoyable day out at the Redlands Quilt Show and a visit to to Bayside Stitchcraft. They had the pattern. The black and white material and the lining (which is the same pattern but in reverse - white and black) came from stash.

Saturday saw most of it sewn. I only stopped because my old eyes were giving out on the black material. I finished it Sunday morning!

Finally a pattern bought and used and finished in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not added to the pile of patterns I have collected over the years.

This bag is going in my suitcase, because I'm off on holidays at the end of the week.

This afternoon was spent toe tapping my way through Mamma Mia - the stage show at QPAC.
I saw the show when it came through Brisbane last time and thoroughly enjoyed it. This new production is wonderful. Incredible singing, costumes and clever set design. It is a very good musical.

Off to watch Junior Materchef.

Take care everyone,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tueday Treasures

A strange one, I know. I don't have much call to wear a lot of make-up, so my lipsticks and eye shadows last awhile.
This is my most favourite winter lipstick. It's a lot darker in real life, more 'berry' like. Of course, Revlon don't make this colour anymore. Boo hoo. I have been trying to make it last as long as possible.
Clare's Classroom hosts Tuesday Treasures. Check it out. The one Clare has picked for her treasure today is truly a lovely personal one.
Take care everyone,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Block D and a new book.

Another block for the Gardener's Journal SAL bites the dust. I think there are only 4 more to do. Woo hoo!

Below is a recent purchase. Lisa Lam's blog is fun to read. She designs and sell bag patterns and equipment. The forward in the book was written by Amy Butler. I think Lisa was a might chuffed to have the famous Amy write it.

All I've had time for is quick look through. I'm yet to go into detail, but it looks good.

Take care everyone,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Quilt ready and waiting!

Back in April I posted about this quilt, made for a grand niece. I mentioned then that I was making a blue slightly different version. So tah dah! Here it is.
I used the pattern given as a freebie on the Piece N Quilt blog. I left off the applique flowers.
I so love this Birdie range from Me & My Sister. I have bought some more to put away 'just because'. The designers behind Me & My Sister have a new range 'Dilly Dally'. Can't wait to see that in real life.

With 2 grand nieces or nephews soon to arrive, I have to have more than one quilt ready. I have 2 tops waiting to be quilt and another 'pink' one to be made. Better get cracking on them this week.

Take care everyone,

PS I have finished and washed the embroideries for block D for Gardener's Journal. Hope to show that finished block soon too.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure

Yeah, I remembered, even if it's a quarter to six and I haven't got tea ready yet!

My treasure this week is the necklace my Grandfather gave my Grandmother for their 30th wedding anniversary in 1961. Unfortunately he passed away 2 years later.

It is only valuable in sentiment, but that's okay. I love it dearly. Even though I have had the chain checked by a jeweller, I'm not game to wear it. I would be devastated if I lost it, so it sits in my jewellery box.

Have a look at the other treasures at Clare's Craftroom.

Had a great afternoon with quilty friends planning a day to work with the x-block rulers. More on that soon. I stitched some more Gardener's Journal while talking.

Take care everyone,

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run

Or more accurately in my case 'Fun Walk'.

Last Sunday saw over 30,000 people of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels, get up well before dawn to do the 14th annual Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run.

Including the above colourful characters.

I don't know if you can see it in the first photo, but there is already a mass of people on the bridge on the right side. The 'walkers' still had not been set free when this shot was taken.

Over the last year I have been attempting to lose a bit of weight. Walking has been my main exercise. I have aimed for 10,000 steps each day and I might add that 10,000 steps is not always easy to reach. This walk was my challenge to myself. I am proud to say I did the 10 km in 1 hour 48 mins and 35 secs. I even jogged a bit at the end to make up for a necessary toilet stop. ( Well, we were waiting at the start line for over an hour and a half!) I don't think I'll get up quite so early next time.

This year, the main beneficiary was Autism Queensland. So it was extra special as a friend's child benefits from their programmes.

Take care everyone,

PS I hope to remember Tuesday's Treasures tomorrow. I forgot again last week!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great Sewing Time and a Good movie.

I've had a good couple of weeks. I'm half way through the embroideries needed for August's block for the Gardener's Journal SAL. I've just sewn the binding on a boy baby quilt. I only have to hand sew it down and tidy up loose threads. I'll take a photo when I've finished it and I made this top for a girl baby quilt. I'll soon have it pinned ready to be quilted. I used Spring Fever charm packs by Me & My Sister in a disappearing 9 patch pattern. I love how quick it can be.

Our nieces are nearly ready to have their babies. My SIL and I will be stuck if they both have girls though. I should have 2 boy quilts and 1 girl quilt ready and waiting. It will have to be a quick sewing job if they are both girls.

Last night DH and I went to the movies. We saw Inception. It was fabulous. I had been warned not to go to the toilet during it and to concentrate hard on the plot. Some friends didn't like it as they got confused by the plot. DH and I like puzzles and I think that helped us keep track. It was convoluted but very well done. A thoroughly enjoyable night. I recommend it.

DH is cooking a caramel slice for a family get together tomorrow. I wonder if he needs a taste tester. Better go and see.

Take care everyone.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Treasure Tuesday.

I have missed 2 Treasure Tuesdays! The last 2 weeks have just flew by. I was determined not to forget today.

This is sort of dumb I know, but I've kept this cane for 49 years. It is from a pink sparkly Kewpie doll bought for the 5 year old me at our 'Ekka'. The doll fell apart years ago, but I just could not throw away the cane. It hangs tucked away in my wardrobe. It's over a metre long and would have been taller than me.
I must explain what the 'Ekka' is. It is the 'Exhibition' or to give it its more formal title - the Royal Queensland Agricultural and Industrial Association Show - a fair on a big scale! It has just finished its 10 day run, always in August, of course.
I have some other Ekka treasures I must dig out.
I've been quilting a boy baby quilt and have also sewn a girl baby quilt top. No pictures yet, but I'll do that soon.

Take care everyone.

PS - I forgot to put the link in to Clare's Treasure Tuesdays.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gardener's Journal Sew-along Update.

I'm up to date with my blocks for the Gardener's Journal Sew-along. Phew! Use the icon on my side bar to check out the great work being done by all the other participants.

These blocks contained 'square in a square' blocks. I've never done one of those before, so it was good to learn something new. One in particular is a bit wonky - off centre and points chopped off. I decided against redoing it. I'll just look at it with one eye closed and my head on a slant! But I do want to practise them to get those points right.

Off to trace August's stitcheries.

Take care everyone,

Birthday Boys

Well these are my birthday boys!
My son J turned 21 yesterday. I really would like to know where those 21 years have gone. I know it's cliche, but it really does seem like only last week I held that long baby in my arms.
Yesterday we took J and 10 of his friends out to lunch. The above photo is one my Mum took last Christmas in my sister's lovely garden.

Hubbie and I would like to wish him all the best for his future, whatever he decides it to be. (We just wish he'd hurry up and think about it.)

This is my Dad. He's 79 today.
Happy Birthday Dad.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

This is my Tuesday Treasure... my wedding dress... very 1980s....made beautifully by my late mother-in-law Marjorie.
I still love the flowers and bows in the embroidered organza.
Now if only it still fitted!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't that be lovely!!!!!!
Hop over to Clare's to see other Tuesday Treasures.


Monday, July 26, 2010

(Make) A Bag Sew Along.

I joined the (Make) a bag sew along some time ago. I started off really well, then fell by the wayside. But tonight... ta dah! I finished the tote bag and the essentials pouch. Sorry about the dud photography, but I wanted to post about it asap.
The fabric is Maypole by Moda. It is really a lot brighter in real life.
Meeting up with patchwork friends tomorrow, so I'll be able to sit and stitch some more Gardener's Journal.
Take care everyone,