Sunday, February 15, 2015


I hadn't realised how long it has been since I posted.
I joined Instagram and find it a very quick and easy tool to use. Sorry Chooky, the dark side, I know.
I have been very busy since January.
Back to School week and the first few weeks of school have been busy at my little job. We welcomed 2 years worth of students to high school this year as the Year Sevens joined us for the first time. Fitting them out in uniforms and getting their books organised made for some very long and tiring days.
There were some very worried faces on our newbies. I feel part of my job is to make them feel better about coming to our school. We are a very big school and some of the new students have come to us from very small primary schools. I'm an old girl of the school where I work and volunteer. Once a Vice-Captain always one, I suppose.
I describe my job as little. Unfortunately it is getting even 'littler', as the P&C Association want to save money, so I'm down to one day. Pity, as I do like it and it pays for my hobby addictions.
On the craft front, I have been busy also.
This year is full of special birthdays, so I have been planning  and sewing.

This one's going to someone special. I bought 2 extra plastic tables from Bunnings to use with our existing table. I am no longer going to pin quilts by kneeling on the floor. Just too hard at my age. This quilt top will be my first go at pinning on my new tables. Hope it is a lot easier!

 Gossip in My Garden has not been forgotten. I sewed the centres onto the dresden plate blocks and I'm working on the chubby dresden block.

I thought this baby quilt was all finished bar the label. I found more ends to tidy when I unfolded it for the photo. Tonight's job.
There has also been some secret sewing, to be revealed later.
Not much else has been going on here. Too darn hot! I only felt like getting back into my garden this week. With the heat and lovely rain it is a bit overgrown. Bring on autumn, my favourite season.

Take care, everyone,