Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recent Swap

Look what I was very lucky to receive in a recent swap from Tarnyia. Tarnyia has had a very busy time of it lately, with a big property move and serious illness in the family. Yet she still had time to send me this lovely table runner.
The photos are not great - not enough light, but the runner is the perfect size for my dining table. The 2 ends are beautifully appliqued with the centre free to take bowls etc.

I also got a roll of pretty trim and scissors.
Thank you Tarnyia.
Thank you Maree for organising another great swap.
Take care,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)

Monday, September 9, 2013

What's been happening?

Lots really. Well in my little world, it seems like lots.
There have been some swaps.

 This was the pillow I sent Christine. I should have photographed it on a different chair. The linen doesn't show up properly. I wanted it to be fairly simple, because I saw on Christine's blog a beautiful comfortable looking dark red leather lounge. I hope she liked it.
Then there was a table runner for the Queen of Swaps - Peg. Talk about nerve racking, until Peg blogged about her late MIL's tea set.

I have had this fabric stashed away. I thought it was perfect to match a china tea set. The fabric is by Crabapple Hill Designs. The patterns in the fabric are taken from the designer's (her name escapes me) embroidery designs of tea pots, cups and jugs. As I told Peg, luckily there is enough fabric left to make one for me.

I have even finished a ufo and a karts (kitted and ready to start). This table topper, I'm afraid to say, was started in 2005. It was my 3rd effort at my new hobby. It only needed the border to be quilted and the binding. I was waiting until I could do free motion quilting properly. Well, I don't know if that will ever happen, so here it is simply quilted on the border. Lucky, I still like the colours and pattern.

This next one was a kit I picked up from The Quilter's Corner in one of their sales in 2011, I think.
I finished off the top at retreat in July. Here it is all finished ready for my nephew. It is going on a little detour first.
Last year I joined the Queensland Quilters. They have their annual quilt show in October alongside the big Craft Show.

I don't belong to an smaller organised group, so I have never entered a quilt show and I was not about to go into this one either. All those people looking at it....all those beautiful quilts...and the incredible workmanship....until a talk by Margot the editor of the QQ magazine. We were reminded that this was our club's quilt show - it just happens to be at a big venue. People go the show wanting to see quilts and that it was good for them to see quilts of all standards. Margot reckoned that if we could get them to say 'I can make that', we've got them hooked into our craft and the more the merrier.  So I'm being brave and entering. Someone has to make the stars shine even brighter.

 For Father's Day, we went out to lunch at Il Centro restaurant in the city, just DH, my parents and myself. Our son works nights and it was a bit hard for him to join us.
Not great photos. In this one, I think DH is watching out for the waiter, trying to get past in the crowded restaurant.  Otherwise it would have been a good photo of 2 of the 3 men in my life.

My DH and my Dad
My parents and myself.
This is definitely not a good look. I was trying to bend, but not block the way.
The food, though, was delicious!

Especially the raspberry souffle.

Take care everyone. 'Til next time.