Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunday Stitchers - March

March's Sunday Stitchers meet saw 3 birthdays and our Easter table runner swap.
Here are all the presents waiting for the Easter Bunny and birthday girls.

I was really stressing out about this swap. Nothing was coming to mind. Normally our swaps are not one on one, but our fearless leader, Maree, set it up that way this time. Of course we were all clueless. Maria and I were paired. Maria and I also go to Sisters of Stitch at our library. So the funniest part was, we both thought to ourselves we can't work on it there as our swap partner would see it. We just didn't know both of us were thinking the same thing!  I even rejoined Pinterest so I could stalk and repin  her Easter pins. My Pinterest page was of no help to her as they were all her pins anyway!
Eventually, I thought of something. A major search of my books, patterns and even bits torn for old magazines yield my bunny from an elderly colouring-in book. I think he's cute. I did use satin stitch in parts. I held my tongue the right way and it turned out acceptable. So I was very pleased.

 Unbeknown to Maria, her green edged runner to matches my dinning table chairs and rug perfectly.
Thank you Maria.

These ladies are all very talented and it was fun to see what they came up with.
What I didn't get good photos of was our raffle in aid of our May's Biggest Morning tea. Check out Maria's blog as she won it!
Thanks (big thanks) and congratulations have to be given to Helen for making, donating and putting it together. It started to look like Aladdin's cave as Maria opened it. We all ended up wishing we had won it!
The next swap is a 12 inch mini. Better put that thinking cap back on.

Take care, everyone.

GDITC 2015

Another year....another great weekend away in Nundle...and another enjoyable day at Girls Day in the Country, organised by Kerry Swain of Cottage on the Hill.
This year, there were 3 in my car. Susan and Lynda and I had a great run down to Nundle. Unbelievably there were no roadworks, first time ever.
We meet up with another Queensland car load (De, Marilyn and Teresa) at the Warwick Garden Centre for breakfast on the road. Delicious, if anyone is going that way.

 Friday night's drinks on the lawn...lots of catching up...plenty of photos and our annual bloggers swap....The Make It, Bake It or Fake It Swap.

Kate received my gift. I think I mentioned this and showed a sneak peak ages ago. It is an A4 project bag with a clear window to show the contents. Our Tuesday kitchen table group had a machine sewing day learning how to sew these. Very practical.

This is what I received from our very own Teresa...a mug rug, mug and a needlebook. All of which will be well used. The needle book is a clever pattern by Lori Holt and I remember admiring it on Teresa's IG. So lucky me is now the proud owner. Thank you Teresa!

Lynette Anderson was our guest tutor again. The (pinched) photo above shows all the finished projects from the 2014 workshop. I think this was the biggest group of finishes ever in the life of GDITC. Not everyone stuck to the pattern exactly. There were many interesting variations; some not even bags. Lynette looked impressed!
I may not have done the hexagons on the bottom, too time poor, but I did finish it in time to take it to show.

This is the annual bloggers photo. Again pinched. We'd be there all day if everyone's cameras were used.
Our numbers have grown over the years. We do scrub up all right.

 A lot of people proudly showed off  all manner of items made using Lynette's patterns.

 The Saturday night barbecue and Show And Tell was very windy. The girls had to hang on tightly to those quilts. I don't think anyone want to scale the nearby trees to rescue them.

 The trip home was a lot quieter than the one down. All talked out!
Anni Downs will be the tutor next year. I have one and a half quilt tops, another in the planning and heaps of her patterns. I'm going to try really hard to have lots to show her next year.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend.
Take care,

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Girls Day in the Country has started fir the early birds.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pinned, Quilted and Delivered!

Using plastic tables to pin worked a treat. I am definitely not using the floor again!

I have since bought better clamps. Unfortunately the ones in the photo were too shallow to hold on to the table tightly.  DH will get these for his workroom, so he's not complaining.

 The quilt being pinned has been delivered to the birthday boy. I think he likes it.  My SIL does, as it matches her lounge room. LOL.

Our February meeting of The Sunday Stitchers saw us and friends having a workshop with the lovely Natalie Bird.

 It was a very enjoyable day. There was 'Show & Tell' of things made from Natalie's patterns.  We were very well fed. No photos of the food...too busy eating it.

I am pleased with how I have been getting through my heavy list of must-dos for this year. Everything is on schedule. Actually that is bit of a surprise to me. Just goes to show, I can achieve things if I focus.
There were  2 3 things on my 'if I have time' list. Two I have not achieved - the Queensland Quilters Challenge and last year's bag from GDITC. They were only hopes, so I'm not disappointed and the second one will get there one day anyway. The third was a go at an entry for the 'Lest We Forget' challenge for  the Australian Quilt Convention. I thought I had missed it but I got an email saying the deadline had been put back a week.
Now I know I am not an arty quilter! I have submitted my entry form and will be very surprised if I get asked to send it down. It was just something I really wanted to have a go at. More time and a bit more care would have made a better effort. There was no time for unpicking or finding a better/correct printer.  I figure the photos won't fade for a couple of years.
I used copies of the photos my Grandparents swapped when Grandad went off to WW1 and two of the postcards he sent back. I tried to mimic his handwriting and the greetings he used on the cards.
I was a tail end grandchild and therefore knew only the old man. These postcards give an insight to the 20 year who love his girlfriend (later wife).

 To Gran (my darling Meg) and Grandad (your ever loving Alf)

GDITC next week. Yeah!

Take care,

Blatant Advertisment!

You know how some people do disclaimers when they write about an event or product, well that's not me today. I definitely have a connection to this!
The Queensland Theatre Company's next play is 'Brisbane'.  It will be on at QPAC from April 11th to May 3rd.
The connection? It was written by my cousin, Matthew Ryan!
The play is about 14 year old Danny Fisher and is set in wartime Brisbane 1942.  It uses true stories to tell  his tale.
His mum (my cousin) has just organised tickets for my parents.  Dad is Matthew's great-uncle and although the play is not about him, he was also a young boy in Brisbane at the same time, sharing similar experiences.
Mum, Dad and I have been to one of Matthew's  previous  production, Summer Wonderland. We thoroughly enjoyed that one.  If it is ever on near you, see it.

This is the link to the new play. I had better not try to steal a photo.  I do have a photo of an 11 year old Matthew, but I don't think he'd appreciate that one.

Take care,
Enjoy the Arts,

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I hadn't realised how long it has been since I posted.
I joined Instagram and find it a very quick and easy tool to use. Sorry Chooky, the dark side, I know.
I have been very busy since January.
Back to School week and the first few weeks of school have been busy at my little job. We welcomed 2 years worth of students to high school this year as the Year Sevens joined us for the first time. Fitting them out in uniforms and getting their books organised made for some very long and tiring days.
There were some very worried faces on our newbies. I feel part of my job is to make them feel better about coming to our school. We are a very big school and some of the new students have come to us from very small primary schools. I'm an old girl of the school where I work and volunteer. Once a Vice-Captain always one, I suppose.
I describe my job as little. Unfortunately it is getting even 'littler', as the P&C Association want to save money, so I'm down to one day. Pity, as I do like it and it pays for my hobby addictions.
On the craft front, I have been busy also.
This year is full of special birthdays, so I have been planning  and sewing.

This one's going to someone special. I bought 2 extra plastic tables from Bunnings to use with our existing table. I am no longer going to pin quilts by kneeling on the floor. Just too hard at my age. This quilt top will be my first go at pinning on my new tables. Hope it is a lot easier!

 Gossip in My Garden has not been forgotten. I sewed the centres onto the dresden plate blocks and I'm working on the chubby dresden block.

I thought this baby quilt was all finished bar the label. I found more ends to tidy when I unfolded it for the photo. Tonight's job.
There has also been some secret sewing, to be revealed later.
Not much else has been going on here. Too darn hot! I only felt like getting back into my garden this week. With the heat and lovely rain it is a bit overgrown. Bring on autumn, my favourite season.

Take care, everyone,

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Pair

On a, just no decent nightwear.
This time a pretty floral pair of boxer shorts.
Take care