Friday, July 11, 2014

Sydney Craft Show

My Darling Husband travels a bit for his job. About the only benefit is the accumulation of Frequent Flyer points. A few of which I liberated this week.
I (I should say he) treated myself to an overnight stay in Sydney for the Craft and Quilt Show.
The old venue, the Sydney Convention Centre, has been demolished. When I saw it 2 years ago, it looked in great condition to me. The Sydney lady, I struck up a conversation with at lunch, agreed and rued its demise.
So I was up before a sparrow's f**t....actually I was up before a sparrow even thought about f***ing on Wednsday morning! The possum that lives in our garage was only just getting home. Let's just say it was really early.
The Convention Centre people have built a Meccano-style tent, albeit a very big tent on Glebe Island, in the next bay to Darling Harbour.

Transport is by ferry or bus. This was my ride on both days.

 You know you are in Sydney when you can see this bridge and waterway.

 I went because Kathy Doughty on her blog Material Obession (also from the shop of the same name) said that there would be over 400 quilts on show. There are strict rules down there and as I don't have permission of the makers/designers/organisers I won't be putting up photos of the quilts.  I did this little collage instead. The main photo is the 'Best of Show' winner, Coxcomb and Currants by Janet Treen, being studied by another show goer. I don't think Janet of the Quiltsalott blog will mind.
Congratulations Janet!!!!!!!
 This is another very well deserved win. Janet also won Best of Show last year. I also adored that quilt which was on display as part of the travelling Bernina State Best of Shows.
The NSW Quilt Guild will have photos on their website.
The quilts on show were fabulous. They ranged from ones I think I could give a go to the absolutely incredible. There was everything from the very traditional to modern, quiet colours to the very loud.

I'm glad I went. It was such an inspiration.
I enjoyed walking around the vendors. I was disappointed that a few I wanted to see were not there. I bought a few patterns and a couple of fat quarters. I really went for the quilt show.  ;-)
I had a great talk to Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched and her lovely husband.
Dawnie, I was able to get up close to the original  In My Garden quilt. More inspiration.
To the girls doing Gossip in the Garden, I saw the original. Nah, nah, nah-nah nah!
I have to get over being to shy to ask for a photo.  Anni gave me wonderful encouragement.
Ah well, back to reality. Looking after my darling hubby today as he had 2 wisdom teeth out this morning, especially as I want to use his frequent flyers points again soon. LOL

Talk later,

2014 Glenrose Retreat

Another successful retreat at Warwick's wonderful Glenrose Patchwork Shop's cottages and workroom.

 Maree presented us with a lovely welcoming gift bag. In it was a wine glass ring (all individually named), a Barbara Smith Designs booklet and a challenge. We all had to make the thread catchers, pictured below. Thank you, Maree.

 Some of us are just too vertically challenged to reach the top of the design wall.

It didn't stop Helen from getting her DH's quilt top finished.

 We did not starve! This is an example of one our morning teas. In the middle is the rest of my birthday cake. The night of my birthday was fun. I made dinner. Helen gave us all party bags with lollies and toys. De had us playing the children's game Pass the Parcel. It was a happy, fun night with lots of laughter. Thank you, girls.

 This is what I achieved on the first 2 days. I had all the squares cut, but that was it. I had to sew them together, then cut it up using the itsy bitty twister template and sew them together again. My glasses will give you an idea of size of the finished top.
I then worked on my Gossip in the Garden centre block. It's nearly done, just a few more words to embroider.

 There was lots of concentration. This tablecloth top by Alison had several people offering to take it home. It certainly would fit into my dinning room.

The quilt behind Marilyn is made from leftovers. Another quilt top that had offers of  a new home.

Teresa's bag - very unusual fabric that had us intrigued.

I have not shown De's quilt as it is a present for someone special. Let's just say that although it was out of her colour range comfort zone. It looks great.
 This was another challenge that several of the girls took up. It's the SewTogether bag.  Very versatile with all those zip pockets.

 Sandi gave us another kit. This is what we have to make before our next Christmas in July dinner. In the background you can see the remains of this year's dinner, cooked by Maree. Actually there's not much remaining. I think someone licked their plate clean.

It certainly was colder this year than last year.

 After much stirring (from us) and perseverance by Maree, her Anni Downs' bag was finished.

Her 'thumb's up' could also signify another successful retreat.

Thank you, everyone. I had a ball.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sydney Craft Show

This is a novel way to go to a craft show.  It's bought about by a change of venue. The old site is being redeveloped.
Off hopefully to a great day, especially seeing I've been up since 4am to catch the plane.
Take care,

Monday, June 30, 2014


Just about to head off on retreat at Warwick. Do you think I have enough stuff?
PS Grethe , I have not forgot to send that recipe. Will do when I get back.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunday Stitchers

We have a bloggers group that gathers once a month for fun, laughter, food and even a bit of stitching. I've been slack. I don't think I've blogged about any meeting except the special one for Tatyana. I even forgot my camera last Sunday. Check out these girls. They have done wonderful posts about the day. Sandy, Susan, Teresa, Noela, Maria.
PS, Girls - I love how none of you photo shopped that uncontrolled hair of mine!

I have taken a photo of all the lovely FQs I received last Sunday as I was the Birthday Girl. Lovely to be spoilt.
Just to prove I am still working on 'Gossip in the Garden', here's my second block.  I hate quarter square triangle blocks. There is still the possibility that the block in the lower right corner maybe replaced.

 I had a bit of a setback prepping the large middle block. I did all the tracing and applied my staflex (very light interfacing) to the back of the background piece the same way I have always done. I scorched the back in several places. Unfortunately it was too obvious to ignore. Start again! Don't need holdups like this, not with everyone racing ahead of me!

Only 51 weeks late! I gave my birds glasses. At least that's what I'm saying now. I'm not unpicking the too dark thread. Especially seeing I already unpicked it after not sewing' right sides together'.
Sorry everyone. Helen knows what it is about.

Retreat is a week away. So looking forward to it. Maybe real winter weather this year? Never know.

Better get off to do some preparations.

Take care,

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Last Stitches

By my calculations, I am about 15 months late with this top. Sue Daley said it took her 6 weeks to do. Show Off!  ;-)  LOL. So I'm slow!!!!....There were other things to do.....n
o, I AM just slow.

Here are the last stitches in the applique part of Square Dance by Sue.

 I have now finished the 4 corner circles, the 9 centre circles and the 4 border strips. I still have to cut them back to size and sew together. To do that, it will be a case of measure, measure, mark, measure again, hold breath, cut and then exhale. One can only hope I don't stuff it up.
I have been giving the quilting some thought. It might end up being done by hand. My only experience with hand quilting is on small projects.

This is the cake I made for our patchwork group this week. It is a Apple and Vanilla Custard Tea Cake. I was rather pleased with how it turned out, considerting I thought I had really mucked it up when putting it together in the tin.
Well, Sunday Stitchers is on again  next week, so I had better be off to catch up on 'Gossip' blocks, or I will have a permanent seat in the naughty corner!

Take care,

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Late May Round-Up

Trust me, I've been blogging in my head, just not getting it in the computer and out there. May disappeared in a blur and it looks like June is doing the same.
I have achieved some things, though.

 I finished my first block for Anni Downs's Gossip in the Garden quilt, and started on the next block.

I went on a fun day out with Lynda, Deb, Alison and De to 3 shops on the Sunshine Coast. I think the only other photos taken were of Deb and the famous 'Hugo' of Lynette Anderson fame. I was laughing too much to get one of them playing.

 I worked on our group quilt for Tatyana. It was presented to her along with a baby basket and a nappy cake at our May Sunday Stitchers meet. I hope the smile means she liked her presents.

DH and I went for a drive to Peachester for the Mountain Quilters' 2014 Show.

The hall was decorated beautifully. DH is getting quite knowledgeable about quilts now. He carefully picked his Viewer's Choice entry.
There was also the Queensland Quilters Annual Picnic. So it was a busy month.

Take care,