Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Month

It's nearly a month since I posted but it has flown by.
We are still preparing for our son's return, evicting a possum, finding out why we have lost power in our extension, buying a new fridge because we thought that was the problem (wasn't...oops) and general life stuff.

I continue to work on 'Gossip in the Garden'...slowly...the others in our group have streaked ahead....ahh well, I'm telling myself  to enjoy the journey.

The Craft and Quilt Show was on in Brisbane. I did white glove duty at the Queensland Quilters Show which was on within the show. I also helped with set-up and pull-down. It was a lot of work but fun and I meet a number of new people.

 My purchases were modest. The sample bags from Vilene were really great value.

 I joined Chookyblue's 2014 Secret Santa Christmas Swap. I have stalked checked out my recipient. Talk about a challenge, this lady does beautiful work. I had to put my thinking cap on.

 This is about all I can show you.

 We had Sunday Stitchers this last Sunday. Here are this month's birthday girls and their loot.

I really enjoy these days. We sit, work on hand work, eat and chat about all sorts of topics.  This month we collected wrapped lollies to help one member supply them for Christmas stockings for the homeless. It's that kind of group.

Well I better get back to those swap gifts I am working on. I am determined not to have a last minute panic this year.
Take care,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Friends Found in Blogland

Going to Nundle for GDITC  in 2010, I met many new people who were connected by blogs. A bit of persuasion later, I started my own. Through Blogland I have met and enjoyed, in real life and cyberspace, some wonderful people.
Last month, I met up with Fairy Floss while she was having a stopover in Caboolture. She and Mr Fairy Floss were taking part in the Starlight Foundation's bash. Now that sounds like a fun thing to do one day!

 One of the Brisbane girls, Deb from Sweet Little Cottage received her Australian Citizenship. It was fun to be able to be part of the night along with other bloggers.

 Here are some of the Sunday Stitchers group playing ladies. We thoroughly enjoyed High Tea and shopping at a nearby quilt shop.

These are all people I would never have met without blogging and life would have poorer without them.

Take care,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Well I'm In....

For reasons to do with my son, I bought my sewing room up from our rumpus room downstairs to our second bedroom. It was a tight squeeze. The 3rd bedroom was never going to cut it. Pity. All I have to do downstairs now is find hidey holes in our store room for my other occasional hobbies of stamping and jewellery making. Don't laugh! I bet you have heaps of other craft stuff too.

I'm going to let the photos do most of the talking.

Before...previous life - son's bedroom then ironing room.

 The plywood is hiding holes in the walls made by said son and friends. DH (seen below) vowed not to fix it  until he moved out.
 My DH stripped the rooms. I did help. I'm good at being the apprentice....lots of trips to the dump.

 Here you can see into the 3rd bedroom. Its walls were Masonite and were always going to be replaced with plaster sometime. So it gets a make-over as well. We have a 1960s house of modest size. Hiding furniture in the rest of the house was challenging. No photos of that....just imagine a bedroom suite in the lounge room etc.

 Perfect opportunity to insulate.....didn't DH do a good job....imperial house, metric sized batts....
 ...Replaster and paint....
 Plan with little bits of graph paper....

 It's all too hard!

Alert...missing photos....they would have shown many trips up the stairs....efforts of trying to kill the neighbours while getting their help shifting a bookcase and cupboards......repacking said bookcase and cupboards.....
And a tidy brand new sewing room.....It WAS tidy.....I promise... well, at least for a day or so!

 This now shows the mending (DH's jeans over chair) and more work in progress on my 'Gossip in the Garden' quilt.
 See...I am making progress on it.
There will be a door. I'm good at holding it to, while DH fiddles with the hinges.
All the effort (most of it DH's) has been worth it.  It is rather convenient to be able to just pop up the hall.

Thank you T for ALL your hard work.

Unfortunately it's not over yet. We had to fix up downstairs now.

Take care,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sobering Thoughts

This is a very small part of the big move. It's a slow process as we need to wait for someone stronger than me to help with the lifting. Could do it once, but the turning staircase gets me.
What's the sobering part?
Realising just how much stuff (read - fabric) I have accumulated.
Must get a new mantra - no more stash building!
Back to it or I'll spend all day playing with what I find.
Take care,

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Whales at Hervey Bay

At Easter, we had a good chat with the fellow who sold us our tickets for our Fraser Island day trip. The whale watching season here is quite long, but he suggested the best time was about mid August.
So as you read 2 post ago, we went up last week.
We had a wonderful day. It may have been windy and the water rough with heavy rain squalls coming across, but it didn't matter. We saw lots of whales.
When looking at the photos remember we were too busy just enjoying the day and whales, trying to keep the camera dry and making sure we hung on to a rail to stop falling. I won't tell you about going to the toilet on a rocking and rolling boat. Let's just say it was a challenge.

We chose Freedom III. It was a 3/4 day trip, much better than a 1/2 day morning or afternoon trip. You just get out there when it's nearly time to turn for home. Their need to return worked in our favour, but I'll explain later. The 2.30pm return time is a bit flexible. The trip, the day before ours, got home at 5.30pm. Our Captain Keith has no problem with going further out to sea and staying out longer if it means his passengers get to see whales. We were luckier in that we didn't need to go past Platypus Bay to see whales. We were still 'late' back at 4.30.

Here I am ready to go - a real bundle of style. As least I'm dry in this photo. There was plenty of undercover if I had wanted it, but not being a great sailor, I prefer to be out in the fresh air.

 You can just see the front of another boat in the above photo. The rules are the boat's engines must be off  when within (I think) 100 meters of a whale and they cannot be started until the whale moves away regardless of your need to go. The captain of that boat invited us nearer in the hope that the mugging whales would move to our boat as he needed go back to port to get his next tour group. This happened to us twice. See this is the reason to go on a longer day trip. Those other people missed out on so much.
'Mugging' is when the whales come to you. It happened to us several times. There is no feeding of these beautiful creatures to entice them close, very much not allowed. They come of their own accord. They are just as interested in looking at us as we are looking at them. We, the passengers, are encouraged to wave our arms and yell out to get their attention.No banging of rails as the noise upsets them, just lots of yahooing. The whales are probably laughing at our silly antics.

Tickle my tummy.

There are three whales in this shot.

None of the above photos are zoom shots. The whales were that close. One of them circled the boat. I think it was a game - let's see if we can get those humans to run about the boat.

 There was lots of peekaboo,

lots of tail waving

 and lots of breaching. We were very privileged to have a full body breach close to the boat. No photo of that one - too busy watching.
Next time we go, I'm getting a go pro camera stuck to my hat. That way I can just watch and not worry about the camera but still catch all the action.
I can recommend our boat - Freedom III. The captain is also a chef, so morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea - delicious, especially the profiteroles! If you do go with this group, don't plan to drive any long distance after the cruise. Plan to stay the night, as I said, the return time could be later than planned.
We were lucky on the day. Not every cruise see as many whales or so close. It is the luck of the draw.
Whales are beautiful creatures. It was wonderful to see them.
Take care,

Hervey Bay - Fraser Island (Very Late)

My next post will be about our trip last week back up to Hervey Bay for whale watching. Before that, I had better do the promised but now very late post about the day trip we took to Fraser Island when we were up there at Easter.
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world or so I thought. I think that fact is now being disputed, but never mind it's the largest sand island I've ever been to.
DH and I did a day trip because, although we now have an all wheel drive vehicle with higher clearance, I don't think it qualifies as a car that can go on Fraser. Also I wanted someone else to do the driving, catering and organising.

 It was a very early start. We went over to the island as walk-on passengers on the vehicle ferry.

Moral of this tale now - if you are looking for a quiet, scenic, peaceful place - don't go at Easter or at any school holiday time. These are only a few of the buses that were working that day.

 We did all the quick day trip touristy things, including the stunning freshwater Lake Mackenzie.

 Fraser is now a National Park, but for many many years it was home to a large timber industry. There are some very tall trees growing on this sand island.

 Also some crystal clear creeks.

 The surf (eastern) side of the island is a highway with speed limits, police patrols, speed guns and RBTs (random breathe testing). It just doesn't have lane markings; they would only get washed away with every tide. The number of lanes depends on how high the water is. We were in what is really a converted but comfortable truck. We were bigger and stronger than the other 4WDs. We went closer to the water's edge and faster than everyone else. It was VERY disconcerting having, on that day, about 5 lanes going in what ever direction up or down you liked and the there were the caravans! There is no such thing as a quiet stroll on the beach.  Still there were lots of fishermen trying their luck both with the fish and traffic. I loved (not) seeing the 4WDs going around, past and between the fishermen and their kit.

 Like I said it was busy with tourists.

 We did get to see the wreck of the Maheno without the hordes.

 Eli Creek - millions of litres of fresh water pour out each day. Parking here was worst than our local shops, but it was a beautiful spot.

 We went back on the ferry as the sun set on a very enjoyable day. I was glad someone else did the driving. It was real 4 wheel driving territory.

One day we might get back there. I would love to bushwalk on it.

Now for the whales,