Monday, August 31, 2015

What do you reckon?

Fair swap?

 I took up this quilting hobby quite awhile ago. It seems like everyone else has a quilt and not my darling husband. I have finally remedied that.  Here is his Twister quilt.

 I gave it to him, then took it straight back. I felt a bit mean, but it is also my entry for display in the Queensland Quilters show this October.
It was made with a layer cake of  'Comma' by Zen Chic for Moda and I used the largest Twister ruler, by CS Designs.

But look what he made me!

I've always liked the quirky Adirondack chairs. Can't decide if it's going in the garden or on the patio.
I've since found out there is a matching footstool. If anyone knows where to get that pattern/plan, let me know. DH T has said he would make one.

I think we both got something we liked.

Take care,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finished Projects

I have had a few finishes as well as the mini shown in the last post.
I finished and gave away the quilt for my youngest brother-in-law.  I could kick myself as I didn't get a photo of him with it.

Also finished the little bag from our Natlie Bird workshop in February.
I'm going to use it as a travelling jewellery bag.

At the moment, I am quilting my husband's twister quilt. Photos of that later.

Still more blogging to catch up on, but that is enough for tonight.

Take care,

Sunday Stitchers


 I enjoy our monthly Sunday Stitchers meetings very much. Our other members are far better bloggers than I am. They report on our meetings more thoroughly and regularly than I do.
Having said that... I was the birthday girl in June and the lucky recipient of all these FQs.
Thank you, ladies.

 (For them - to explain the request for red and white)
This is the first book I bought when I started my patchwork obsession hobby. As soon as I saw this quilt, it went on my 'to do one day' list. Maybe now I have all these new FQs, it will come off the 'one day' list.


 Our recent swap was a mini.  This is the one I made for Teresa. It's called the housewife block and I made it using Paris Flea Market fabric.

 The fabric range contains a stylised map of Paris. I had to use it as Teresa is very much a Francophile.

 Here are the ones swapped on the day. We are holding the ones we received. Mine came from Susan.
Thank you, Susan. It went on my new hanger as soon as I got home.

 We always have Show & Tell.
This is Alison, who's a worse blogger than I am. Let see if she reads this and goes crook at me. LOL

 Some of our group are hand sewing Trip Around the World.  They are looking great but I'm glad it's them and not me.

We received our names for the Christmas swap. So more snooping and thinking is in order.

Take care,

A Bit More of Straddie

I was going through my camera's SD card and found some video.
Another thing I had not seen until our stay on North Stradbroke Island was a school of bait fish. I've seen reports on the evening news but not in person.
We watched the sea birds feasting on the bait fish for ages.
The black  patch in the water is the fish.



Hope this doesn't look quite right in preview. I think I made it better.

Take care,

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stradbroke Island Get Away

Still playing catch-up. I probably always will be, but I know I'm not alone in struggling to keep up-to-date with my blog.
So, what about Straddie..... Last year, DH and I spent Easter on the Fraser Coast where we went for a day trip to Fraser Island - the largest sand island in the world.
Back home in Brisbane, we realised we have neglected the two very large sand islands just off our own city -  Moreton and Stradbroke Islands. Neither of us has been to Moreton and we will get there one day. I've been to Straddie in my early teens but only for just one day.
So a three day weekend getaway was proposed. We'll ignore the fact that this weekend was in May and that I'm very late blogging about it.
There is no bridge and that, I think is a good thing. It means a trip on the car ferry. We were first there for our time slot. We weren't just keen, we didn't want to miss it.

 That little, when compared to the trucks, green car top right is ours. There is a lot of sand mining on the island and the trucks belong to that industry. The sand mining is a controversial issue.

 We played tourist, visiting Blue Lake (above) and Brown Lake (below).

Resting Pelicans

 We managed some very long walks. So much for a relaxing weekend sojourn, my Fitbit registered over 18,000 steps each day. I'm the one with the stumpy legs on the left! Things you inherit from grandmother.

We sat here for awhile, watching  what I think is a White-bellied Sea-Eagle.
Click on the photo below and you can see it hunting low over the surf.

 One very high highlight was seeing a pair of dugong (probably mum and bub) grazing very close to shore. According to the locals, this was a very rare sight.  None of the photos in the above sequence are zoomed. The first one shows the little groyne they were in, eating sea grasses (the dark patch in the water). In the other 3, you can just make out the dugong coming up for air. Seeing them was a first for me.

 We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the island. I wouldn't mind returning.

Take care,

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Catch Up

 I'm sitting at our monthly bloggers meet - Sunday Stitchers. I am so far behind in my blogging (I blame Instagram) that I thought today before sewing I was in the perfect place to do a blog post.

The housework, I'm pleased to say, is being neglected in favour of another special birthday quilt.
I'm making this one, but won't say who for just yet.

 It uses a jelly roll and the central part came together quickly. I had a bit of a search for the peeper, border and backing, but that's sorted now.

 I have to have this one quilted and delivered very soon. I have several tops to quilt, so what am I doing?  Yes, Dawnie, Anni Downs' In My Garden is down off the shelf! I needed  hand work.

One of my local group's days out was to St Paul's quilt show in Ipswich. These 2 photos show only a small part of the quilts on show. It was a bit of a wet day (read - the start of the latest bout of flooding), but it was a good day out. Not only a quilt show, but an art show and a lovely lunch on the verandah of the historic manse.  We also went out to the Queensland Quilters  annual picnic in May; this year held at Rosewood. No photos = slack blogger. We also checked out a members new home at the coast as well as visit to a nearby shop.

 I'm in a secret mini swap. This is all I can show as the recipient is sitting very close.
I want to use one of the tools I have been accumulating. It's a Creative Grids  strip ruler to make half square triangles. I think I have to practise a bit more. I'm left handed so I have to work out the best way for me to approach it.


There are interesting conversations going on about me that I want to join in. Also it is the Biggest Morning Tea meet for the Cancer Council fundraiser so that means yummier food than usual to eat.
So people, I'm off.
Take care,

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Birthday Quilt

Here are the better birthday quilt photos.

The colours are a bit richer in real life. The camera flash takes a bit of the colour depth out.
Block - Arkansas Crossroads
Quilt - a version of  'Goodnight Irene'