Thursday, December 27, 2012

SSCS 2012

Look what I was lucky enough to receive from Nancy 'Near Philadelphia'.

 Thank you Nancy for my runner, book, scissors, nailfile and notebook.  The colours in the runner are perfect for our outside-inside room. It's the 'back deck' you have when your husband doesn't like mosquitoes or too much wind. It has screened louvres for 2 walls and a large folding door to separate it from the original part of the house. We painted it in very bright out-there colours, opposite to the pale colours in the original part of the house. So the runner fits in perfectly!

 The above ornament and the runner below is what I sent Ulla in Sweden. Have a look at her blog - the runner looks great draped over a tree in snowy Sweden.

Thank you Chookyblue for running this swap in what I know was a very busy year for you.

I'll be back soon with some photos of the sewing I have been doing. The colours are not my 'normal' patchwork ones. I am trying to step out of my comfort zone.

Happy New Year

Monday, December 24, 2012

To All

Merry Christmas
where ever you are

I wish peace for our Earth and its citizens at this time of year
and may it continue into 2013.

Love from Kayly and family

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bloggers Meet and SSCS

Last Sunday, we had another bloggers meet at The Wishing Well Cafe at Victoria Point.  Another blogger, Maria from 'The Next Stage', joined us for the first time.  There were ten, no make that 12 of us.
Peg and Dale came for lunch, to. We heard about their adventures cruising with Heavens to Bettsy. They are off with Maree now enjoying a bit of Gold Coast glitz.

 Here they are checking out the menu. They were trying to find the good options. I think they indulged a little too much on that cruise ship at the 'all you can eat' buffets.

 "What on earth is Kayly stitching?" asked Dale.
"Can you see the doll tree ornament that Susan made for everyone?"
"Yes, Peg, and Mardi made beautiful stars for everyone also."

 "Now, this is what I call a Devonshire Tea, Peg."

The others in our group loved meeting Peg and Dale, but said they would love to meet the real ones.

This is what was in my letterbox last Thursday.
It is my SSCS present from Nancy, all the way from 'near' Philadelphia, USA.

The beautifully embroidered ornament is now hanging on my tree and the presents are under it.
Thank you Nancy.

On a sadder note and speaking of America, I cannot finish without saying something of the events of recent days. My husband and I send our thoughts and prayers to all at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the town of Newtown. I commend the bravery of the staff and students. The ultimate sacrifices by the staff to protect their students will be remembered.

Take care everyone,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

In Santa's Sleigh...

That's where these are now...on their way to my SSCS partner all the way around the world in....shhh it's still a secret.

 Another finish this month is this long shawl. It's Tunisian crochet - a simple lacy pattern - just a slight variation on Tunisian simple stitch. I wanted a long shawl I could swish around my shoulders. Now I'm on the hunt for a wooden peg or pin to help keep it place. Only a season or two late.

At the recent Wine and Food Show, we bought a number of cheeses...well okay... a lot of cheese. DH put the expiry dates on the front so we eat them in the right order. This one didn't last long.
 It was DELICIOUS!!!! We thoroughly recommend it - creamy, buttery, smooth.

Now I have to find out where in Brisbane I can get it.

Wanted - suggestions.
We are putting in another garden bed. I hoping to screen out some neighbours and create an outdoor room. We went to the nursery this morning looking at possible plants. I need fast growers. I'm not young enough to wait years for my green screen to grow. So gardeners out there, what would recommend.

Have a good weekend everyone,

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ahhhh....a good day out...


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Wine and Food

Guess where we are today!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Home

Here I am exploring my new surrounds.

The locals aren't too talkative.

This lot are staring at me and there are more of them on the shelf above!

I think I'll go to live downstairs with Kayly in her sewing room. I'll be more of a help down there with the pins.
I got 2 mates who have themselves together, one's got a bit of eye surgery coming up though.  They live with their makers. There's another one also, but he's not all there yet. We're hoping for a photo shoot at our next get together.

Hurtle the turtle.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I appolgise to any commentors who have not had a reply from me.
I removed the annoying security step from the comments, but I have been hit with some weird entries. I am trying comment moderation instead. Not sure I'll keep it either.

Catch Up

While I'm waiting for my mini muffins to cook, I thought I would do a quick catch up post.

I finally finished my SKoW quilt top. The Stitch-Along deadline is today. I have been using every spare moment to get it done. I didn't get the whole thing finished -quilted and bound, but I am very pleased with the top. Pop over to the blog to see the others. I love how many blocks have been 'individualized' to suit the maker.

The Craft and Quilt Show was on here in Brisbane last week. (Actually I just realised it was 2 weeks ago. This year is flying away too quickly!) On the preceding Tuesday, I helped hang the quilts for the show. I joined Queensland Quilters about 2 months ago. I thought helping to hang would be a way of meeting new people in the group. Let's just say I'll be better at it next year. It was a good way of having a close look at the quilts. The winners can be seen on the Queensland Quilters website.

This is all the show loot I'm admitting to. I had a plan this year that my purse would stay shut! I had been to the show in Sydney and sales here. I was set. I didn't need a thing. I then decided to shout myself the above shot cottons from Reece Scannell. There were 2 other packets, but they have already been ripped open, poured over and pawed over. The rest was me going overboard as usual. Maybe as I use them I'll admit to them.

My SSCS sewing was the reason I couldn't finish my SKoW quilt. There is a deadline there also. No photos. It a secret. Shhhhhh!

Well the muffins are cooked, ready for our patchwork get together this afternoon.

The rest of the time since my last post has just been general life stuff. I have been trying to keep my garden alive using what little tank water I have left. The grass is not looking good at all. I am trying not to use mains water but if it does not rain properly soon, I may have to.

Take care everyone.
Also thinking of those braving Hurricane Sandy, including our intrepid travellers from Oz, holed up in a Washington Hotel.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bloggers Meet

Last Sunday, we had what is starting to be a regular Bloggers Meet. There were only 7 of us this time, as others were at a wedding, on retreat, on a honeymoon, and on overseas holidays.
Don't worry the seven of us made up for the missing ones in laughter, noise and show and tell.
I pinched this photo from Maree.

From the left - Susan, Noela, me, Maree, Joy, De and newbie Deb.
We met at the Wishing Well Cafe at Victoria Point. Considering the temperature back in Brisbane, it was the best spot to be.
Looking forward to the next one.
Sorry no links to their blogs - this is a quick post, as I'm off to meet Maree at the Queensland Quilters monthly meeting.

Take care,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stitchers' Dream Day Out

This last week has just flown. I know I'm not the only one complaining that time seems to be moving at an ever increasing rate.

Last weekend, Heavens to Bettsy and I went for a day out at Highfields near Toowoomba.
We attended Quilter's Angel's Stitchers' Dream Day Out. We had a great day. The guest tutors were Gail Pan, Natalie Bird and Nikki Tervo.

Check out Kris's Tag Along Teddies blog. Kris did a good post showing all the work that needs to happen before the guests arrive.
 Here we are - Lynda (l), Kris (c) and me (r).

We got a goody bag with 6 patterns, a kit for one of the patterns, a purse, a cute bright clip light, a charm, green tomato pincushion, and a magazine. We had morning tea and lunch,  and lucky door prizes. We meet fellow bloggers and shared our table with new faces. These photos show 4 of the projects.

Quilters Angel also puts on Girls' Stitch In in March.....hmmmm...we're thinking about it.
I was supposed to be back in Toowoomba this weekend, enjoying a class with Kathy Doughty (Material Obsession), put on by Precious Time. Alas, numbers were insufficient and the class was cancelled. I have compensation though. My 'Friends' booklet advertising the upcoming craft show arrived. Reece Scannell is giving a talk. It maybe the same talk he gave at the Sydney Craft Show, but that's okay. I'll be able to take in what I miss there.

I'm still not up to date with what has been going on, but that's for another time.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Portrait of Spain - Queensland Art Gallery

Last August, hubby and I went to the Portrait of Spain exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. It consists of paintings from the Prado in Spain - another coup for our Gallery. (Open until November 4th)
I'm blogging about it now because I just found the photos and realised I had not put up a post about it.
The curator of this show has done a wonderful job. It is interesting to see the different painting styles as time progressed. No photos were allowed, of course, so I cannot show you my 2 favourites.
There was a Princess (Infanta) going off to be married in a foreign land. The painting created to commemorate this event is magnificent. It is so good you can almost feel the fabric in the dress and see the raised embroidery in gold thread.


The long hall you can see just in side is a huge photo of a gallery hall in the Prado itself. It was very 'real' and had several people fooled.
Just outside the exhibition, The Art Gallery has set up a tapas bar, where patrons can taste some of the  food and wine of Spain. Very clever and tasty. Also set up are ipads with drawing applications and fruit and vegetables ready  for patrons to try their hands at still life drawing. There are Spanish playing cards and rules for several games to try.

This is the best Orange/Almond Cake I've ever tasted.

All in all, it was a great day out.

Take care,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obsessions..oops...I mean..

Of course, I mean collections. As crafters we have collections of fabric or buttons or lace or thread or...the list goes on.
I also collect crochet books. I can't really remember when it all started. I think it was with an old book from my Grandmother's box of knitting and crochet pattern books. I, then went to an Adult Education class at our local Primary School. The class was run by Jill Lind who had once been a pattern tester and demonstrator with Patons. With Jill, I learnt about different crochet methods - Tunsian, broomstick, hairpin, and filet. She had some books for sale, but not many. Crochet books were few and far between in the shops.  I think that was what started me collecting them. Ebay was my biggest source along with garages sales and op shops.
I have ones from Myart, Semco, Penelope, Coats, Patons and a few other obscure titles, including one from the Misses Bamford and Walker of St Ives Sydney- '110 Tralin Crocheted Edgings'. Most do not have publication dates. I think my oldest is from the mid-1920s.

'Paragon Crochet  Books' make up the bulk of my collection.

Three folders devoted to Paragon
 First of all, I started collecting the different books, then the different covers of each book, then the obsession part kicked in. I started collecting the different prices on the covers of the books. Okay...okay... I can hear you groaning.
'Learn to Crochet' books- Nos. 6 & 126

This cover amuses me. The book is 'Learn to Crochet' right...every example on the cover is tatted, not one crocheted example of work. Needless to say, I have seen very few of these.

I love this one too. As time went on, the delicate coffee cup and pot changed to a bottle of wine and glass.
I don't collect the reproductions produced by Vicki Moody from Craft Moods. I rang Vicki once, hoping she would have a catalogue of books with their publication dates. No luck. Vicki bought the rights to the Paragon books, but she was given nothing - not a list or master copy or printing plate. Vicki had the right to reproduce any old Paragon book she could get her hands on and would have loved the same thing I was after.
Some of these books have been hard to find. My only clues have been the pictures on the backs of the books, advertising other books.

I am missing totally Number 132! I don't even know what cover I'm looking for. If there is anyone out there with one, please get in touch. I'll be your new best friend. LOL.
And before you ask...I have made things out of them.
Everyone has to have something to keep them amused and this is one of mine. I particularly love getting copies with a name written on the cover or notes tucked inside or added to the patterns. It makes the books more personal.

What's in yuor collection?


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SSCS 2012

To quote 'Big Kev' - 'I'm EXCITED!'
I have joined my very first ever online swap.  Previously, I have made things for our Nundle GDITC meets, but never one where I have to post (mail) something.
This particular swap has now been going 6 years and I have enjoyed watching all the posts and photos about the past 5 Christmas swaps.
Thanks Chookyblue.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another one done!

Finished another one. I seemed to have 'buckled' this block a little, even though I thought I was being very careful laying it out.
I've just been getting my next block ready. Oh dear, and here I was thinking I'm on the home stretch.
I think I need to get my own whip out.
Happy stitching.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

..who'd have thought it. Okay all you real scone makers can stop laughing now.
All my previous efforts at scones have not gone well.
But this morning I may have finally cracked it. I have tasted tested one and it was light and fluffy and delicious.
Off to our patchwork group this afternoon.
Take care,
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jersey Boys

Hubby and I are enjoying a night out at Jersey Boys. Just seen the first act. Brilliant! Great music.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I've been sewing.....

I have actually been sewing not just gallivanting around.

I've made a dress. It looks better on.

I've made a new nightie, seeing my favourite old one disintegrated in the washing machine.

I finished a very old UFO. It is now hanging in my sewing area. I quilted it at our last group sewing day.

At yesterday's group sewing day, I put together another strip for my SKOW quilt.  Now to go back to stitch and sew the missing 1 and 1/2 strips.

 Terrible photo, I know, but you get the idea.

I am a very slack blogger. All four of us were at my place yesterday for a group sew day and lunch....No photos....too busy chatting, sewing and eating. There was a dolly's quilt quilted and bound, secret squirrel hand sewing and a baby quilt quilted. All in all a productive day.

Off to Sisters of Stitch at the local library, this afternoon. They are an interesting group of talented ladies who do all sorts of handwork.

Take care,

Friday, July 20, 2012

Driving Holiday

Sorry...took awhile to get back.
Hubby and I had a lovely 10 day drive down the New England Highway to Bathurst, the Jenolan Caves, the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley. As I said in the last post, the main aim was a visit to Anni Down's store -The Home Patch, but we also got to see other parts of our lovely country that neither of us had seen before.


 Of course, we both had a drive around Bathurst's Mt. Panorama race circuit. (Note to non- Aussies - this race circuit is in real life a normal road , but 2 times a year becomes the scene of some great car racing.) It would have to be the best bit of bitumen in Australia!

  The Jenolan Caves are thought to be the oldest cave system in the world - around 340 million years old. We really enjoyed our day here and would recommend it to anyone.
Before leaving Bathurst, I was able to have coffee with blogmate Janice before she started work for the day. No photo - we only had a short time together and we were talking too fast to even think about getting the camera out.

 We stayed at Glenella - a comfortable old guest house/ B&B at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. They had a warm and inviting log fire in their large guest lounge. The photo, above and left, is of one of the 3  rides at Scenic World at Katoomba. It is the 52 degree scenic railway (in other words really steep). Originally it was the railway used by miners to remove coal from mines at the bottom of the cliffs, early in the 1900s. Later, bushwalkers  would ask for a lift back to the top instead of climbing out. Eventually it became a tourist attraction. It is quite daunting. Another way to the bottom is the cable car. The Skyway goes from one point to another over a gorge with a great view of the Katoomba Falls. The Skyway has a glass floor so you can see down to the bottom of the gorge.

We finished up in the Hunter Valley wine country. We did a 'Hunters and Gatherers' tour with the 'Two Fat Blokes' -  a delicious tour with a friendly fun and very informative host. I'd be happy to go back there again.

Actually I'd be happy to go back to everywhere we went. All in all, it was a restful time away, enjoying seeing new places.

But back to normal life now, which has included some productive sewing.

Take care,