Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bloggers Meet and SSCS

Last Sunday, we had another bloggers meet at The Wishing Well Cafe at Victoria Point.  Another blogger, Maria from 'The Next Stage', joined us for the first time.  There were ten, no make that 12 of us.
Peg and Dale came for lunch, to. We heard about their adventures cruising with Heavens to Bettsy. They are off with Maree now enjoying a bit of Gold Coast glitz.

 Here they are checking out the menu. They were trying to find the good options. I think they indulged a little too much on that cruise ship at the 'all you can eat' buffets.

 "What on earth is Kayly stitching?" asked Dale.
"Can you see the doll tree ornament that Susan made for everyone?"
"Yes, Peg, and Mardi made beautiful stars for everyone also."

 "Now, this is what I call a Devonshire Tea, Peg."

The others in our group loved meeting Peg and Dale, but said they would love to meet the real ones.

This is what was in my letterbox last Thursday.
It is my SSCS present from Nancy, all the way from 'near' Philadelphia, USA.

The beautifully embroidered ornament is now hanging on my tree and the presents are under it.
Thank you Nancy.

On a sadder note and speaking of America, I cannot finish without saying something of the events of recent days. My husband and I send our thoughts and prayers to all at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the town of Newtown. I commend the bravery of the staff and students. The ultimate sacrifices by the staff to protect their students will be remembered.

Take care everyone,


Maria said...

Love those gifts from near Philadelphia! Yes I think everyone is just so stunned by what happened at Sandy Hook; it is so terrible! Just imagine how difficult it will be for children to return to school...any school. Anxiety levels will be so high and with the ripple effect there will be thousands affected by this tragedy.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

LOL.......the real ones would love to meet everyone as well.....Oh Dear we do get around......xx

Noela said...

Lovely post about our blog meet. It was great to catch up again. Love your ornament, very pretty. Hugs....

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Happy and relieved that parcel has arrived!

Susan said...

It was a great meet up - amazing how Peg & Dale have taken to the limelight of fame!. These swaps sure look like a lot of fun.
The events in the USA have surely put a cloud over the Christmas season.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day was had by all, even peg and dale :)

Chookyblue...... said...

Peg and Dale looked like they enjoyed the day........lovely SSCS ornament from Nancy.....I have a similar one....

Marilyn said...

I am behind in reading about our blog meet. It was such a fun day and lovely to catch up with you again.
Have a happy Christmas

Ulla said...

Thank you dear SSCS.
it's Ulla who is the lucky owner of the package in the sleigh.Thank you for the lovely lovely table runner I'm going to use from tomorrow,December26.I'm going to blog about it very soon but I have to take a photo of it the short time we have daylight.Thank you also for the small items in the package.Hopefully you have got a lovely package from your Santa.I'm looking forward having you among us.I have been in this swap for years and hopefully many years more.
Wish you nice creative time.
Ulla in Sweden