Tuesday, October 28, 2014

eBay Seller Newbie

Now I've been an eBayer for years, but always the buyer, never a seller. Well I've just changed that. With our major clean out, I have found items I no longer use....craft things of course. I have given away yarn and fabric and other bits and pieces, but I would like have a go at selling a few items.
I'm testing the waters with a cross stitch pattern. If I still feel comfortable selling, I've got books and lace making bobbins and....let's just say several other items.
Wish me luck.
Cheryl (aka Kayly)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Month

It's nearly a month since I posted but it has flown by.
We are still preparing for our son's return, evicting a possum, finding out why we have lost power in our extension, buying a new fridge because we thought that was the problem (wasn't...oops) and general life stuff.

I continue to work on 'Gossip in the Garden'...slowly...the others in our group have streaked ahead....ahh well, I'm telling myself  to enjoy the journey.

The Craft and Quilt Show was on in Brisbane. I did white glove duty at the Queensland Quilters Show which was on within the show. I also helped with set-up and pull-down. It was a lot of work but fun and I meet a number of new people.

 My purchases were modest. The sample bags from Vilene were really great value.

 I joined Chookyblue's 2014 Secret Santa Christmas Swap. I have stalked checked out my recipient. Talk about a challenge, this lady does beautiful work. I had to put my thinking cap on.

 This is about all I can show you.

 We had Sunday Stitchers this last Sunday. Here are this month's birthday girls and their loot.

I really enjoy these days. We sit, work on hand work, eat and chat about all sorts of topics.  This month we collected wrapped lollies to help one member supply them for Christmas stockings for the homeless. It's that kind of group.

Well I better get back to those swap gifts I am working on. I am determined not to have a last minute panic this year.
Take care,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)