Saturday, November 24, 2012

In Santa's Sleigh...

That's where these are now...on their way to my SSCS partner all the way around the world in....shhh it's still a secret.

 Another finish this month is this long shawl. It's Tunisian crochet - a simple lacy pattern - just a slight variation on Tunisian simple stitch. I wanted a long shawl I could swish around my shoulders. Now I'm on the hunt for a wooden peg or pin to help keep it place. Only a season or two late.

At the recent Wine and Food Show, we bought a number of cheeses...well okay... a lot of cheese. DH put the expiry dates on the front so we eat them in the right order. This one didn't last long.
 It was DELICIOUS!!!! We thoroughly recommend it - creamy, buttery, smooth.

Now I have to find out where in Brisbane I can get it.

Wanted - suggestions.
We are putting in another garden bed. I hoping to screen out some neighbours and create an outdoor room. We went to the nursery this morning looking at possible plants. I need fast growers. I'm not young enough to wait years for my green screen to grow. So gardeners out there, what would recommend.

Have a good weekend everyone,

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ahhhh....a good day out...


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Wine and Food

Guess where we are today!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Home

Here I am exploring my new surrounds.

The locals aren't too talkative.

This lot are staring at me and there are more of them on the shelf above!

I think I'll go to live downstairs with Kayly in her sewing room. I'll be more of a help down there with the pins.
I got 2 mates who have themselves together, one's got a bit of eye surgery coming up though.  They live with their makers. There's another one also, but he's not all there yet. We're hoping for a photo shoot at our next get together.

Hurtle the turtle.