Thursday, November 20, 2014

Going Off....

Not like a pound of cheese in the Darwin sun!

Santa picked up my SSCS present this morning... so it will be winging its way to.....secret...can't tell. Hope she likes it. Thanks to Chookyblue for organising it again this year. I know she has been very busy this year and organising it is not a quick job.

Also going off are some of my eBay and Gumtree sales. Glad to see some of my stuff going off to new homes and not the bin.

And I'm nearly packed to fly off to Bathurst tomorrow for a bloggers meet. I'm so looking forward to a little break. I have my contribution to the nibbles and my plastic wine glass.  Didn't want to take the crystal one or the bottle to go with it because, just my luck, would see my suitcase tumble off the conveyor belt. I'll have to get the liquid to go into it when I arrive. Hope the pub does take outs.

I have been crafting this month. There have been no progress photos because it is all secret stuff. I'll be able to start showing some soon.
Instead here are some of the blooms in my garden. I don't like to complain about our lack of rain because I know people in worse off conditions who rely on good weather for their livelihoods, but we have only had about 15% of our normal rainfall this winter and spring. This spring though has bought out very spectacular flowerings on trees, shrubs and plants. Maybe they thought it might be their last hurrah. Last night's thunderstorm was well received here. My very nearly empty tanks are very nearly full again.

I have had this brom for years and got several pups off it. No flowers until now. This flower spike started growing a couple of months ago. It's nearly a meter long. Great anticipation on my part and although the actual flowers are these insignificant bumps on the very ends, I love it, but maybe, it is just as well that the foliage is its best feature. 

This is a small part of my Dancing Lady orchid.

 The day lily is a garden star, as well as my Cascade lilypilly.

 Ah well, I'd better be off. I have to hunt out the bigger suitcase from the storeroom, and here was I thinking I'll only need the little one for a few days away. Cue hubby in the background - I knew she couldn't fit in the little one.

Take care,
(aka Kayly)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

G20 in Brisbane

Next weekend, Brisbane will host the G20 meeting. I don't think we won the right to host it, more like we lost the raffle not to host it.
For some time now we have been told about all the potential protests, the damage, the street closures and lockdowns, so Brisbanites have been planning their escapes. Now the authorities are worried we will become a ghost town while the circus is in town. It's their own fault for using all the scare tactics.
Still there are some benefits. As part of welcoming the world, we are having the G20 Cultural Event.

DH and I went last week and I would have/should have posted about it then. I have only now worked out how to get a too-big-to-email video off my phone. They say we should learn something new everyday. Well this is mine for today. (Edit:- I have also learnt to import and use Windows Movie Maker to rotate my just discovered upside down videos.)

DH and I went to the light show. I know Sydney has had Vivid for several years and it is brilliant. I saw it a couple of years ago and would happily go again. I am hoping Brisbanites have supported this enough that it will come back. It was great to be able to walk the trail to see light shows projected on to several buildings in the inner city area. The only part we missed was whatever was on at Southbank.

Here is some of what we saw.

 The above ones were projected onto one of the  Law Court buildings.

One of our hotels.

 Even a bit of yarn bombing on trees and sculptures.
 We had a play on the equipment in the tent and changed the lights on the Storey Bridge.

 The above is the old State Library building.

 This is the old Treasury Building, now a hotel.

 I hope this one is working. It is Parliament House. I particularly love the outstretched hands going for the money. How appropriate! If it has not worked I'll post it separately.

Well I should have set off the security services nicely with this post. I've mentioned all the right things to get them excited in their search of mega data - yarn 'bombing', and landmarks.

I do hope next weekend goes off with little of the mess previous G20 meetings have experienced.

Take care,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)