Sunday, February 27, 2011

Second 'New Beginnings' Bag

Just a quick post to show the second bag I made for the 'New Beginnings' appeal.
I used the rest of the strata I made for the first one and made this one a drawstring closure. I have added a crochet hook holder and hooks. So I'll put a note in with this one to ask for it to go to a stitcher/crocheter.
Madly working on quilting my Gardener's Journal quilt.
Take care everyone,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet my new Best Friend.......

WHY did I wait so long before buying one of these???? How dumb can I be! As you can guess I love this little tool. I recently picked one up at a sale.

I just pinned my Gardener's Journal quilt (finally I hear some of you say). This time I closed the pins as I put them in. This tool made bring up the sharp end easier as well as helping to close it.

The other thing I learnt this morning - Don't pin a quilt and have to crawl around the tiled floor the morning after putting a 54 year old body through a Zumba class the night before. Not good.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our New Zealand neighbours as they try to get through this terrible tragedy.

The summer of 10/11 is going to go down as one of terrible natural disasters in our region.

Take care everybody,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have a look at this....

Yes, I know it looks like 2 empty containers. More importantly though, they are 2 EMPTY ironing containers! After a very busy start to the year in my little job, life is beginning to return to normal. The ironing was the first thing on my 'to-do' list. Towards the end, DH asked me to stop as he was running out of drawer space! He now has clothes he had forgotten about.

My second show and tell is this embroidery. It is from a kit I got at a Girls' Day Out at Glenharrow in 2009 with Leanne Beasley and Rosalie Quinlan. It has been completed, all but the satin stitch, for quite some time. This particular stitch is not my favourite, but I've been practising. So the center of the big flowers are diamond shaped not circles, I can live with that. The rest turned out acceptable, so I should not let this stitch defeat me.

So many wonderful people around Australia and, indeed the world, have been making sewing kits and quilts for those affected by the floods in Queensland and Victoria and by Cyclone Yasi.
As a Queenslander I would like to thank you all for your care and generosity.
My family was lucky not to be affected physically, but one cannot help but be affected by the photographs and stories in the newspapers and on the television.
I thought I had better do my bit as well. I made this sewing kit and I'm also making a crocheter's kit. I used a 'Spring Magic' honey bun and some yardage. I had fun as usual (not) with the zipper. I even made the tassel.
At 'Sisters of Stitch', a group that gathers at the local library fortnightly, we are collecting specific items as they are needed. This fortnight it is pillowcases, hand cream and containers for paperwork. Pillows have been issued to people in emergency accommodation but no pillowcases. The hand cream is to help after a day's cleaning. Paperwork holders are needed because of the huge amount of forms the affected have acquired. One of our group has good contacts in the Lockyer Valley and we giving our collections directly to them.
See you later.
Take care everyone.