Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

This is my Tuesday Treasure... my wedding dress... very 1980s....made beautifully by my late mother-in-law Marjorie.
I still love the flowers and bows in the embroidered organza.
Now if only it still fitted!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't that be lovely!!!!!!
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Monday, July 26, 2010

(Make) A Bag Sew Along.

I joined the (Make) a bag sew along some time ago. I started off really well, then fell by the wayside. But tonight... ta dah! I finished the tote bag and the essentials pouch. Sorry about the dud photography, but I wanted to post about it asap.
The fabric is Maypole by Moda. It is really a lot brighter in real life.
Meeting up with patchwork friends tomorrow, so I'll be able to sit and stitch some more Gardener's Journal.
Take care everyone,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Another Bridge Opening!

Yes! Another one. You're lucky. Hubbie and I missed the opening of the 'Go-Between' or I would have bored you with that one too. This is my Dad and I standing near the obligatory sign. The new 'Ted Smout' bridge is supposed to be the longest bridge in Australia at 2.7 km. Mum, Dad, Hubbie and I walked it both ways and the long walk to get to the beginning- well over 6 km or over 14,000 steps on Mum's pedometer. Dad has an artificial hip. I thought he'd catch the bus back, but no he did really well. It was good training for the 'Bridge to Brisbane' fun run/walk in late August. That will be 10 km and about 40,000 people very early in the morning.
This is my latest book purchase. It's Janelle Wind's first book - Pieces of Me. It is full of very do-able projects. Very colourful - great photography- easy to understand instructions. You never know I may even make something. I'll add it to the list. Boy that list is getting long.
The book is sitting on my favourite doily. I crocheted this one a few years ago.
I have finished the June's Gardener's Journal stitcheries and only have one to do for July. I may make this month's deadline yet.
Keep well everyone,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

I've decided to join in 'Claire's Craftroom' blog's Tuesday Treasures. I have had a lot of fun looking at the things people hold dear. Some I recognise from my own childhood or youth.
This is one of my treasures. Yes I know it's a raincoat. It belonged to my late grandmother Lucy. The raincoat is at least 45 years old now and is in good condition. I stopped wearing it a number of years ago.
Grandma died at 56 years of age - far too young. This comes home to me even more so now as I have just had my 54th birthday. It was only 6 months after her 54th birthday that the signs on Motor Neurone Disease start to show.This is a photo of Lucy and grandad George on one of their very few holidays.

I'm behind in my blogging. I'll have to do a bit of retrospective posting.

Keep well everyone.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bunya Mountains Getaway

Photo from here.
My hubbie has just had holidays, mainly to work at the state titles for the little electric remote controlled cars. We managed to have a few days away at the end of them. We drove up and down the Bunya Mountains in cloud - very scary driving with little visibility. The 2 days in between were absolutely glorious- cold and crisp, but nice for a change for us coastal Queenslanders. We stayed here at Ecos, more by luck than design. We booked very late and I didn't realise just how popular the mountains are.
To say it was lovely is an understatement! It is only about 3 years old and full of really nice touches, like plunger coffee, special jam, an extensive DVD library and a reading floor lamp just perfect to stitch under.
We did four walks of various lengths. We managed to mark off several birds in our bird book. We watched 3 wedge-tailed eagles ride the thermals on the western side and stood very still while a yellow robin hopped around the trees in front of us.

I can recommend the Bunyas and Ecos for a relaxing and romantic getaway.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my little patchwork group, stitching away at the house for Gardener's Journal. I actually achieved quite a bit. I might get it done yet.

Take care everyone,