Monday, June 10, 2013

Lucky Me

I was in a cushion swap.
Look what I received from Aunty Al.

 The cushion is on my couch. My other cushions are looking very dated in comparison.

 I also got yummy chocolate and a notebook, just perfectly sized for my handbag.

Thank you Aunty Al.

Take care,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recent Holiday

Warning - photo heavy post with no craft.  ;-)
Last March/April, Hubbie and I managed to have a 3 week holiday overseas, again in England. Yes , we did pick to go in what turned out to be their coldest Spring in 50 years. Many people we spoke to kept saying we should have been there last year when it was a hot 24deg C.  LOL. Trust us.
Yes we had snow. Something that amused us Queenslanders.

The lane next to our B&B

Sunday morning walk in Snailwell

 We saw.....
 Ancient villages and churches,

 and incredible museums.
(I'm no plane buff, but I was very impressed by Duxford.)
One of the hangers at Duxford
The National Train Museum in York

The Transport Museum in London - very well set out. You start at the top of the building and back in time and work your way down and to the present time.


 We saw dykes and windpumps. (Didn't know they had dykes in England.)

 See, we did have blue skies. It was just the wind -gale force, and the chill factor  - minus 5.

I loved this shoreline.  Rocks of all sizes and smoothed after tumbling about in the sea. Heaps of people walking, heads down, looking for the perfect one.

 Hubbie trying to hang onto everything in the wind that was coming straight off the North Sea. Look in the background...England does have sandy beaches!

 We walked the Yorkshire Moors.

We enjoyed many pretty east coast towns including Whitby.

Also castles. This is Castle Howard where both films, Brideshead and Brideshead Revisited, were filmed.
 In London, we got to go to the Agatha Christie play 'The Mousetrap' which is in its 60th year of continuous production.
 How many of you, like me, thought this was a tall sign?
When you see it in films and TV shows, it looks so big. I think the photographers/cameramen must have laid on the footpath to shot it.

Have you noticed no pink beanie or gloves?

It was warming up, 9 degrees - positively balmy.
Looking over to Greenwich from what was once the 'Call the Midwife' docklands.

 Hampton Court was on my must see list this time.

 M&M World was a surprise find. DH was in seventh heaven! We bought souvenirs from here for our son - stickers with his name on, a lanyard, plate etc. We had a winner there. He thought they were cool.

I did give some thought to my crafting while away. At Bridlington, the same place as the stony beach above, the promenade has been paved in at least 4 different patterns. It gave a 3D effect if looked at from the right angle. All just clever placement of colour and line, just like patchwork, really. You can see the other patterns if you use Google maps and zoom right in.

Talking of patchwork, I had better go and organise the baby quilt I only have to quilt. I have just got word I have my first grandnephew on my side. That makes 10 grand nieces and nephews between hubbie's and my families.

Take care everyone,