Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some crafting done.

I have managed to do a little crocheting, mainly as a sanity saver in amongst the end of year rush.
I helped make kitchen towels for the primary school stalls when my son was there. I don't know how many I made, but I got to the stage where I could do them in my sleep. I doubled the towel over to make it a bit more absorbent. The pattern on the towel is kitchen tools.

I have to show off this flower. I have had this Parodia magnifica for over 5 years. Today it finally flowered!

Ah well, that's the end of my lunch break, back to cleaning the house. We are hosting Christmas this year. My sister, her children and granddaughter will hopefully be coming down from Gympie. They get flood bound easily. There is more rain on the way, so I hope they are able to still come.
Take care everyone,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Now why didn't I inherit........

This waist!!!!

I was having a clean up recently and came across this. The petticoat is all that is left of Mum's beautiful lace wedding dress. She was (still is) a dressmaker and did an absolutely brilliant job making not only her dress but all dresses for the bridesmaids and the flower girl.
I could not do the petticoat zipper up when I was twelve! She had a 22 inch waist. I think that's about my thigh's measurement.
I've been keeping it, just in case I can think of something to do with the satin. It had yellowed, but after a soak and wash, it has returned to its original colour.
After a very busy month, I got back into my sewing room last night. Boy, did that feel good. I have also picked up the Gardener's Journal stitching again. I'm on holidays, thinking only of Christmas preparations, my garden and crafting for at least 4 weeks, before mayhem starts again.
For those of you who know my son, he made it to week 7 this time. If anyone knows of an apprenticeship in car mechanics or a tradesman assistant's job going on the northside of Brisbane with an understanding boss, please let me know.
Take care everyone.