Saturday, June 26, 2010

June's Efforts

Finished and handed over with the bag from the previous post! The recipient was pleased, thank heavens. It turns out blue is her favourite colour. That was a good guess on my part and no thanks to her hubbie who could not help me with suggestions. I did a bit of stirring of him at the morning tea we had to say goodbye. I ended up calling it 'Boxes' because it looks like all the boxes we have carefully packed and stacked in the bookshop.
This was all I was able to do in June for the Gardener's Journal stitch-along. I have the house and July's stitcheries traced and ready to go. I'm off to Bunya Mountains tomorrow for a few days. I'm aiming to go walking in the mornings and stitch in the afternoons. The glasses are a bit lairy. They are a pair of those cheap magnifying ones. My prescription craft glasses are good, but these are better to see with at the position where I hold my stitching.
I've been quilting for a few years now, so I thought I might start showing photos of some of the quilts I've made. This one was purchased as a kit. The pattern is a Terry Atkinson one called 'Lucky Stars' rather appropriate as it turned out. It sat languishing in my stash for 'one day'. 'One day' came late last year when a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. The kit became her 'chemo' blanket. I got a lovely card from her, telling me it helped to brighten some dark days. It was great one to make, not too hard at all. I ditched stitched the quilting, but I would have loved to have free motioned it.
In case any one's interested, I did find my keys. Somehow they found their way way out of my handbag and onto the ground at work. Luckily they were handed in to the groundsman. My hubbie's relieved too. I think he is working out how to staple them to my head!
Take care everyone. I hope to have some good photos from the Bunyas for my next post.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Finished Bag

This is a great bag to make. It is called 'Six Pack Stack Reversible Fat Quarter Tote' by Whistlepig Creek Productions. It has pockets inside and out and is very roomy. I wanted this one to be a bit subtle so I only used 2 fabrics.
I made the one below a couple of years ago using the 6 FQ as suggested in the pattern. It certainly stood out.

This is my attempt to show the inside.
Only the quilt label to go then I have finished my farewell/retirement presents for our Judy.

Take care everyone,
PS I still haven't found those keys!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I've lost my house keys! Yes! Again! I do it often, no matter how hard I try not to. This time though, I don't have a single inkling of where they might be. :-( You can't see them from where you are, can you?
I know I had them when I opened the windows in my sewing room. I am close to having some 'show and tell' finally.
I didn't get anything done last week. I was working as the fill-in teacher's aide in the Prep (littlies) class at our local primary school. They are an active bunch, but it was fun.
I had better go look again for those darn keys.
Take care everyone.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend's Efforts

This is me getting stuck into the quilting on the quilt I'm doing as a farewell present for 'J'. Not long now before it has to be finished. I've been collecting signatures on the label and thinking of the quilt's name. I've used the 'Patience' block. It reminds me of well stacked boxes which is how our school's bookshop looks. The retiring convenor 'J' has to get a lot into a small space. She is very good at creative packing.
These 2 photos are as far as I've got on the bag for the 'em ay kay ee - make' sew-along.
I'm going to have to be organised this week if anything is to get done. I'm filling in for the Prep teacher's aide all week. That'll give me some exercise!!!
Take care everyone.