Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend's Efforts

This is me getting stuck into the quilting on the quilt I'm doing as a farewell present for 'J'. Not long now before it has to be finished. I've been collecting signatures on the label and thinking of the quilt's name. I've used the 'Patience' block. It reminds me of well stacked boxes which is how our school's bookshop looks. The retiring convenor 'J' has to get a lot into a small space. She is very good at creative packing.
These 2 photos are as far as I've got on the bag for the 'em ay kay ee - make' sew-along.
I'm going to have to be organised this week if anything is to get done. I'm filling in for the Prep teacher's aide all week. That'll give me some exercise!!!
Take care everyone.

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