Friday, June 18, 2010


I've lost my house keys! Yes! Again! I do it often, no matter how hard I try not to. This time though, I don't have a single inkling of where they might be. :-( You can't see them from where you are, can you?
I know I had them when I opened the windows in my sewing room. I am close to having some 'show and tell' finally.
I didn't get anything done last week. I was working as the fill-in teacher's aide in the Prep (littlies) class at our local primary school. They are an active bunch, but it was fun.
I had better go look again for those darn keys.
Take care everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Lost keys in a sewing room!!! Good luck with that. Shake the piles of fabric etc and listen for the jingle. Retrace those steps and if all else fails just forget about it for a while do a little more sewing and they are sure to just magically turn up. Dianne