Friday, April 29, 2011

Road Trip

This last Tuesday saw three of us take a road trip to Tess's new shop. She has moved her shop, Homespun & Beautiful, to new premises at Boronia Heights. We had a lovely visit and coffee with Tess and Sandy.

Tess had a large tub of zippers, left over from a previous incarnation of her shop. Our little group is into making bags of all sorts at the moment. So we had fun raiding the tub. Let's just say our zipper stashes are now well stocked. Sorry bettyslyn, I took the photo just as you moved.

I also picked up some fat quarters, interfacing and Anni Down's little book, Simple Pleasures.

On the Mother's Day stall front, I've had fun whipping up these tissue holders. I used more of Bec's scraps and added some of my own. Great way use up all the left over bits.

I have plans for some more items this week-end. We'll see how that goes as we are also renovating our side garden. But it is a another long week-end so who knows.

Take care everyone,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Productive Sunday.

I had lovely relaxed crafty Sunday. I made this small bag - another Mother's Day stall offering. It's a bit silly really when you compare the time it took with the price they'll probably charge the kids. I must remember it's the thought that counts.
See Bec, I used some of your 'scraps'.
For the zipper pull I used 2 small yo yos and a piece of saved ribbon. I wear a lot of Regatta clothes. They tie their labels on this thin brown ribbon. I think it's a sturdy gros grain (may have misspelt that) with a little extra decoration going down the middle. Too good to just throw out. I saved a few now. Knew I'd find a use one day! What's that new word? 'Repurposing', I think.
Zippers and I are still trying to get to know one another, but I am getting better with them.
We had an easy tea last night. I'm not the greatest cook. I'm always surprised when things turn out. I'm getting good a these 'use up what's left over' omelets.

Have a good week everyone.
Take care,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Times.

I've been a remiss about blogging. We have had a bit of a busy time here and a couple of worries. Most of it has turned out well and the other has at least got some direction.

I have, however, been able to keep my hands busy. My son left primary school a long time ago and my efforts for the Mother's Day stall ended then also. That was until I recently caught up with a just-retired teacher, who put my name to the new stall convenor who happens to live in my street. Out came the crochet hooks, but I was determined to stay away from the kitchen towels I did in the past. I did so many I could do them in my sleep! LOL...

I had some beautiful wool, but only a ball of each colourway. So I made what I call Queensland coastal scarves. In other words, scarves designed more as an accessory than as a warm necessity. Some were a bit short so they got turned into twisted collar style scarves.
Also, I finally started on my grandneice's quilt for her bed. The fabric is Lily Pond by Wendy Slotboom for In The Beginning. I've had it put away for ages. It just screams 'Don't cut me up too much!' So big, simple blocks. I love it but I can hear now Miss 'Turning 3 but Going on 30'. She will tell me her frogs are green not pink!

I have the top together now, but no photo yet. The weather here has turned overcast and showery again. Not good photography weather.

Hope to be back soon with more show and tell.

Take care,