Friday, May 3, 2013

Home Sewing.

Before we went on holidays, I decided I needed some more long sleeved t-shirts. So I dragged these out. Yes, they are circa 1977!

They don't look too flash hanging off a bedroom door, but trust me, they fitted and looked okay on.

 Inside the packet was the size 12 pattern, I traced off the master all those years ago. Let's just say I traced off another larger size this time, and leave it at that.  LOL.
After practising with the old Knitwit pattern, I allowed myself to buy this new Kwiksew one. The blue material above was out of stash. The pink and the grey below came from East Coast Fabric on one of their $5.95 a metre days, so it was not going to be a great loss if it all failed.

This fabric was very slippery and try as I might I could not get it to fold and sit neatly.  So I retraced  whole front and back pieces. That also helped work out where the pattern blotches were going to appear on me. It has a cowl neck - something I've never done before. I also tried for the first time using the tape (sort like applique paper) to do the hems - impressed with that and will definitely use it again.


 All in all, I was very pleased with my efforts. It looks good on, hangs nicely, and feels great.
There was also a basic pull-on skirt in a warm material, but that's nothing too exciting to look at.

On the craft front, I owe my nephew a 30th birthday quilt. I've at least started all the cutting, but he might have to wait until his 31st to get it. So many little squares and the black ones are hard to see. As he is well over 6 foot tall, I'm making it bigger than the pattern.

Off to cut more squares!
Take care,