Monday, November 5, 2012

New Home

Here I am exploring my new surrounds.

The locals aren't too talkative.

This lot are staring at me and there are more of them on the shelf above!

I think I'll go to live downstairs with Kayly in her sewing room. I'll be more of a help down there with the pins.
I got 2 mates who have themselves together, one's got a bit of eye surgery coming up though.  They live with their makers. There's another one also, but he's not all there yet. We're hoping for a photo shoot at our next get together.

Hurtle the turtle.


De said...


Susan said...

ha ha - someone has a passion for turtles I see...If you bring your turtle in December, I'll make an effort to finish mine as well...maybe Teresa and Helen can bring theirs as well - any others??

Grethe said...

Great turtle collection,Kayly! Love them all, especially the H&P one, and I`ve got the pattern-book :-)

Roseanne said...

Your turtle collection is great. Love your new turtle.

Janice said...

Super cute. He/she will fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Hurtle the Turtle is so cute. Hubby gave daughter the nick-name Turtle. Maybe I should make one for her ??? LOL!