Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Portrait of Spain - Queensland Art Gallery

Last August, hubby and I went to the Portrait of Spain exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. It consists of paintings from the Prado in Spain - another coup for our Gallery. (Open until November 4th)
I'm blogging about it now because I just found the photos and realised I had not put up a post about it.
The curator of this show has done a wonderful job. It is interesting to see the different painting styles as time progressed. No photos were allowed, of course, so I cannot show you my 2 favourites.
There was a Princess (Infanta) going off to be married in a foreign land. The painting created to commemorate this event is magnificent. It is so good you can almost feel the fabric in the dress and see the raised embroidery in gold thread.


The long hall you can see just in side is a huge photo of a gallery hall in the Prado itself. It was very 'real' and had several people fooled.
Just outside the exhibition, The Art Gallery has set up a tapas bar, where patrons can taste some of the  food and wine of Spain. Very clever and tasty. Also set up are ipads with drawing applications and fruit and vegetables ready  for patrons to try their hands at still life drawing. There are Spanish playing cards and rules for several games to try.

This is the best Orange/Almond Cake I've ever tasted.

All in all, it was a great day out.

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Grethe said...

Thanks Kayly,this was interesting to read. Nice picture of you matching the entrance and of course the food looks delicious, neatly placed out:-)

Maria said...

After reading your post on this exhibition, I just have to go now! Whether I 'drag' along DH or not, it remains to be seen :-)