Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obsessions..oops...I mean..

Of course, I mean collections. As crafters we have collections of fabric or buttons or lace or thread or...the list goes on.
I also collect crochet books. I can't really remember when it all started. I think it was with an old book from my Grandmother's box of knitting and crochet pattern books. I, then went to an Adult Education class at our local Primary School. The class was run by Jill Lind who had once been a pattern tester and demonstrator with Patons. With Jill, I learnt about different crochet methods - Tunsian, broomstick, hairpin, and filet. She had some books for sale, but not many. Crochet books were few and far between in the shops.  I think that was what started me collecting them. Ebay was my biggest source along with garages sales and op shops.
I have ones from Myart, Semco, Penelope, Coats, Patons and a few other obscure titles, including one from the Misses Bamford and Walker of St Ives Sydney- '110 Tralin Crocheted Edgings'. Most do not have publication dates. I think my oldest is from the mid-1920s.

'Paragon Crochet  Books' make up the bulk of my collection.

Three folders devoted to Paragon
 First of all, I started collecting the different books, then the different covers of each book, then the obsession part kicked in. I started collecting the different prices on the covers of the books. Okay...okay... I can hear you groaning.
'Learn to Crochet' books- Nos. 6 & 126

This cover amuses me. The book is 'Learn to Crochet' right...every example on the cover is tatted, not one crocheted example of work. Needless to say, I have seen very few of these.

I love this one too. As time went on, the delicate coffee cup and pot changed to a bottle of wine and glass.
I don't collect the reproductions produced by Vicki Moody from Craft Moods. I rang Vicki once, hoping she would have a catalogue of books with their publication dates. No luck. Vicki bought the rights to the Paragon books, but she was given nothing - not a list or master copy or printing plate. Vicki had the right to reproduce any old Paragon book she could get her hands on and would have loved the same thing I was after.
Some of these books have been hard to find. My only clues have been the pictures on the backs of the books, advertising other books.

I am missing totally Number 132! I don't even know what cover I'm looking for. If there is anyone out there with one, please get in touch. I'll be your new best friend. LOL.
And before you ask...I have made things out of them.
Everyone has to have something to keep them amused and this is one of mine. I particularly love getting copies with a name written on the cover or notes tucked inside or added to the patterns. It makes the books more personal.

What's in yuor collection?



Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck finding your one missing magazine............

Maria said...

What a wonderful collection! I'm sure a sociolgist would find lots of 'material' for a study on how crocheting and the pattern books have changed over the decades :-)then a fine arts student( in Textiles and fibres etc) would drool over the collection as well

Teresa said...

Oh WOW! Now that is a collection! I never knew you had soooo many! I really hope you find that one missing book!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Amazing Kayly. I wish
I had known as a friend of mine's Mum was a great crocheter and had to go into care and a lot of her books went to charity shops.

Susan said...

Gosh - I will have a look through some old stuff of my Mums in case I have any crochet books - give me a bit of time though - life is a little busy right now.

barb's creations said...

WOW you made me go and have a look at a few of my old books I've bought at op shops over the years.I have Paragon 106 and 109 books as well as a J&P coates book no.525.Will kep an eye out for more when op shoppig,hope you find the one you're after :) Barb.