Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catch Up

While I'm waiting for my mini muffins to cook, I thought I would do a quick catch up post.

I finally finished my SKoW quilt top. The Stitch-Along deadline is today. I have been using every spare moment to get it done. I didn't get the whole thing finished -quilted and bound, but I am very pleased with the top. Pop over to the blog to see the others. I love how many blocks have been 'individualized' to suit the maker.

The Craft and Quilt Show was on here in Brisbane last week. (Actually I just realised it was 2 weeks ago. This year is flying away too quickly!) On the preceding Tuesday, I helped hang the quilts for the show. I joined Queensland Quilters about 2 months ago. I thought helping to hang would be a way of meeting new people in the group. Let's just say I'll be better at it next year. It was a good way of having a close look at the quilts. The winners can be seen on the Queensland Quilters website.

This is all the show loot I'm admitting to. I had a plan this year that my purse would stay shut! I had been to the show in Sydney and sales here. I was set. I didn't need a thing. I then decided to shout myself the above shot cottons from Reece Scannell. There were 2 other packets, but they have already been ripped open, poured over and pawed over. The rest was me going overboard as usual. Maybe as I use them I'll admit to them.

My SSCS sewing was the reason I couldn't finish my SKoW quilt. There is a deadline there also. No photos. It a secret. Shhhhhh!

Well the muffins are cooked, ready for our patchwork get together this afternoon.

The rest of the time since my last post has just been general life stuff. I have been trying to keep my garden alive using what little tank water I have left. The grass is not looking good at all. I am trying not to use mains water but if it does not rain properly soon, I may have to.

Take care everyone.
Also thinking of those braving Hurricane Sandy, including our intrepid travellers from Oz, holed up in a Washington Hotel.


Susan said...

Only a little show & tell of your purchases ? I understand that - I was going to do mine - then rememebred that my husband does ocassionally look at my blog so thought better of it. I hope your 2Q hanging day was OK...Well done on finishing your top for SKOW - I think Chooky will let us off with that - I do hope a lot more get theirs done soon - I'd love to do another one but I am more than happy to wait til at least March.Hopefully we can organise a blog meet before Christmas.

Maree: said...

Well Done ont your SKOW finish Cheryl it looks Lovely.
Hope you had a Nice Stitching Day and looking forward to hearing all about your time at the show at the next Quilters Meeting.

Anonymous said...

Kayley your quilt looks fantastic,well done.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats on getting your top done.......thanks for being part of the SAL......

nice shopping.......

Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks beautiful, just made it in time :)