Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Treasure Tuesday.

I have missed 2 Treasure Tuesdays! The last 2 weeks have just flew by. I was determined not to forget today.

This is sort of dumb I know, but I've kept this cane for 49 years. It is from a pink sparkly Kewpie doll bought for the 5 year old me at our 'Ekka'. The doll fell apart years ago, but I just could not throw away the cane. It hangs tucked away in my wardrobe. It's over a metre long and would have been taller than me.
I must explain what the 'Ekka' is. It is the 'Exhibition' or to give it its more formal title - the Royal Queensland Agricultural and Industrial Association Show - a fair on a big scale! It has just finished its 10 day run, always in August, of course.
I have some other Ekka treasures I must dig out.
I've been quilting a boy baby quilt and have also sewn a girl baby quilt top. No pictures yet, but I'll do that soon.

Take care everyone.

PS - I forgot to put the link in to Clare's Treasure Tuesdays.


clare's craftroom said...

Oh no Kayly not dumb ! I thought those dolls on sticks from the shows were the most beautiful things ever . They really made the show extra special so I'm glad you still have the cane from one . Thanks so much for playing .

Janice said...

What a great thing to have tucked away. If I go looking I may be able to find the one and only doll that came on a cane from our local show, but my cane is long gone. Those dolls were just so special.

BubzRugz said...

It's amazing what we keep. I don't know the dolls on the canes myself but it must have been fun.... The Ekka is an amazing show - one of our first outings when we came to live in Queensland.... Hugz

Melody said...

Hi Kayly I've just discovered Tuesdays Treasure and love it. Your brought back so many memories of going to the Show and I too had a Kewpie doll or two that I just adored

marina said...

I remember being bought a cupie doll on a cane at the Melbourne Royal when I was a child. I only ever went a few times as a child so it was so special to get one. They seemed so beautiful. I still love to see them when we go now.

Sheila said...

I remember those dolls with their canes , never owned one but I do recall seeing them at the fairs.I think this is a very special memory and treasure not the least bit dumb.