Friday, September 24, 2010

Singapore Part One

We're back! We had the best time. As I said last time, this trip has been a long time coming.
I would recommend Singapore to anyone. It is friendly, easy to get around, has great food, and so much to see.
Without knowing it we arrived when the Mid-Autumn Festival was being celebrated. Clarke Quay, near where we stayed, was decorated with light displays like the one above.

We went on a "Round Island" bus tour with Tour East. Joseph, our guide, was really informative without lecturing. That's not the word I really mean, but he was good to listen to. We went to the Changi POW Museum - no photo, I was too busy looking at everything there, and had to be called to get back on the bus. We also went to the Kranji War Graves in the north of the island. It was very moving to walk among the graves, reading the names and ages. The names of the ones without graves were engraved onto the walls of the structure at the top of the rise.

We also went to a large Buddhist Temple. It was beautiful, with highly decorated gardens, ponds, sculptures and buildings.
We tried to eat 'local'. Such variety of food styles. This was also how we meet people. Singaporeans are very friendly. Several struck up conversations with us, mainly about the food!

I have some more photos to show you, but Blogger would only let me put these on tonight.
Good excuse for another post.



Chookyblue...... said...

nice pics.......looking forward to some more......

Seams Sew Together said...

Hi Kayly, great to hear about Singapore, we are looking at staying there ourselves at Xmas. Which hotel did you stay at and was it good??