Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raffles Hotel

I have always wanted to have afternoon tea at Raffles Hotel. Luckily we booked it well before we left Australia because it books out weeks in advance.

I even wore a dress! Although the make up was a bit slippery in the humid weather.

The grounds were immaculately groomed - lush greenery, orchids, gingers. The whole hotel closed a few years ago for a huge makeover. They did a wonderful job of it. It is no longer on the waterfront, but about a kilometer in land, thanks to Singapore's land reclamation. We thought we might not be able to take photos inside, but everyone had their cameras out.
As well as the three tiered cake stand there was a buffet of sweet and savoury , Asian and Western dishes.

I had to put in this photo. Sorry DH.

He watched me do the post from the free computers at the Novotel on the 18th Sept. He was a bit disconcerted with the title DH and thought it stood for d...h..d - you can work out what he thought it was. I quickly explained it stood for 'Darling Husband', which he really is.

More photos to come. Sorry to bore you with them, but we had a great time and I want to share how good a destination Singapore is.

On the craft front, I did a quick tidy up in the craft room today and picked up the needle again for the Gardener's Journal SAL.

See you soon,

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By Hoki Quilts said...

We live in Singapore for a number of years with the NZ military, one of my favourite things to do was to go to Raffles every now and then to 'play ladies' in the Tiffin Room. Such a treat.