Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well, we have been home a week after having enjoyed a 3 week holiday to England. The flight over was way better than the one home. I was able sleep and arrive in London ready to hit the sights. We flew over Tibet and Europe in daylight which was an extra treat. Yes, it was my first trip to England, so I was a tad excited.
We were typical tourists trying see as much as we could -tick all the boxes, as my husband said.

This is where we stayed. Cartwright Gardens in Bloomsbury contains hotels, guest houses and B&Bs. We stayed in Studios2Let. I can recommend it. The only problem was the 58 steps up to our bed sit, no lift. See the windows at the very top. Two of them were ours. We had a kitchen, and ate breakfast there, but the area around us had heaps of cafes and pubs so we ate out every night. Transport was a breeze with 2 Underground stations nearby.

The hop-on hop-off bus was an excellent way to get our bearings.

A highlight was a visit to Buckingham Palace - the Palace, the Queen's Gallery and The Mews. It was a good day. The organisers have it all down pat. We were even able to get lunch, sitting on the back terrace looking over the garden. Check out the coffee art.

There were so many 'old' places. We were a bit awe stuck. Here's some contrast with the new architecture.

I had fun looking for all the typical British icons - these phone boxes and the red double decker buses for example.

Blogger won't let me put up any more photos, so I'll do another post after I cook dinner.

Back soon,