Saturday, October 8, 2011

London Part 2

That was a quick but delicious pasta meal. There was a Jan Power's Farmer's Market today at the Powerhouse. So we had fresh pasta, yummy heritage tomatoes, olives, hot sausage and baby octopus.
Several years ago, we went to the old Sydney Observatory. We found it fascinating, so a visit to the Greenwich Observatory became a must. Here's hubbie with one foot in the East and one in the West.
St James' Park was an oasis in the middle of London - peaceful, green.

Went shopping at Harrods, of course. It turned out my perfume was cheaper at Harrods, than duty free!
The one breakfast we didn't eat at the bed-sit was spent at 'Fifteen' - Jamie Oliver's restaurant. It's the restaurant he set up to train homeless/disadvantaged youth. Our waitress told us the 10th group had just gone through.

We had nearly a week in London. We will have to go back as there is still so much to see.
This is the little car we hired for the remaining 2 weeks of our holiday, but that's for another post.
The dishes are calling for their wash.
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Grethe said...

Great tour with your lovely pictures; thanks alot. How lovely that you manage to put two and two of the pics together.I am sure your trip to England must have been super:-) And lucky you being an OPAM winner!