Monday, May 17, 2010

Us and 175,000 other people!

Brisbanites will go to the opening of a paper bag! I am certainly not rubbishing my fellow citizens. It is just that we love to get out to see the new things happening in our city. I blame Expo 88. :-)
Twenty-four years ago, the Gateway Bridge was opened. DH and I were also at that open day. Last Sunday its twin was open for the public to walk across.
We got up very early and were there well before the official opening time, so we had a very unhurried walk.
The bridges look very steep, but they are really an easy climb. They have to be tall enough to let the cruise ships get under, but be short enough that the planes taking off and landing at the near-by airport don't hit it!
The rest of Brisbane had woken up by the end of our walk. One side of the bridge had fish and chips for sale, the other sausages and burgers. The service clubs and other groups did a marvellous job parking, directing and feeding the masses. On one side of the new bridge is a wide bike/walk way, with a seat at the top to rest and look at the port and mouth of the river.
There was no peeing over the side allowed!

I will have some craft news soon, promise.

Take care, everyone.


Aunty said...

Lucky you got up early as by the news it was a bottleneck later in the morning. I did the most sensible thing and stayed in bed. Glad you enjoyed the walk, especially as you walked the other one when it opened as well.

Margaret said...

Great to be able to say I walked on !!whatever when it was opened. Love the fabric you have chosen for your Gardener's Quilt, it is looking good.