Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally some sewing to show!

I think it is safe to show this quilt top. It is going to be a group present for a friend. 'J' does not know I have a blog. I know her through our local high school. She has been the bookshop convenor for over 20 years and has decided it is time to retire. Her children have long since left the school. It has been hard to do as they are not 'my' colours. I rang her hubbie, 'K', to talk to him about her favourite colours. Normally he is a great help, but I stumped him this time. No help at all! :-) So I've have been taking note of what she wears. I've had a bit of a guess with the colours and I'm just hoping she'll like it. Now for the quilting.
I have also finished Block A for the Stitch-a-long of the Gardener's Quilt. I may redo it as I've noticed two bits the same touching. Then I again, it's not going in any competitions, so why stress.

Take care everyone,


Grethe said...

That quilt top looks stunning!I love to enlarge photos,and the quilt is great. Hope she does not faint! I surely would have if somebody gave me such a lovely present!
And your block A there is super:),very nice fabrics!

Terry said...

The quilt is beautiful! I'm sure she'll love it! And your GJ block is lovely too! Well done! :0)

Anonymous said...

Kayly, I just LOVE the fabrics you have chosen for A Gardener's Journal. They're so pretty and different to what everyone else seems to be using. I've decided to go with soft pretty fabrics for mine too. I've just traced off the first stitchery to start this weekend. ;o)

I bet your friend will be thrilled with the quilt you made her. I'm sure anyone would. It's turned out fabulous!