Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Weekend Part One

DH and I just had a great weekend. It was supposed to start out with DH's first night on road race meet with his RC car. He built his car from scratch and has been keen to try it out on the track. The meet got rained out, but at least he got to have a little practice. He asked me to show his car, so here it is. Yes I know it's PINK, but he reckons the other guys won't claim it as theirs.
Saturday actually saw me doing some quilting on the quilt mentioned in the previous post. The pinning went fairly well and at the moment I'm just ditch stitching it.

Saturday night we went out with family to Ortiga, a Spanish restaurant in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
From our table we were able to watch the kitchen action. No tantrums here. The menu is suitable for sharing. We all picked 2 entree sized dishes each. They came out in pairs.

We were adventurous. The dish above is all piggy - snout, ears and cheeks -and delicious. I was too late to get a photo of the desserts. Trust me they were delicious also.
We'd like to go back to try the bar and its tapas menu.
I'll tell you about Sunday tomorrow.

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Grethe said...

Lovely car up there,I let my husband have a look, something for him, I suggested. And lovely exclusive meal,not sure the piggy part is for me!! Love sweet desserts,though:)
Happy stitching.