Sunday, March 4, 2012

An 'Us' Weekend

My husband has been working away from home lately and he is off again next week, so this weekend was declared an 'Us' weekend.
I've been complaining that my togs (Queensland speak for bathers, cossie, swimmers, or swimming costume) have not seen water this summer. We've been too busy, or too tired, and the weather too wet or too cool.
So on the 3rd day of autumn, we finally got to go swimming. Up early, a quick 1 hour drive north, slap on the sunscreen and an oh-so-sexy-not sun shirt, then a very refreshing and longed for swim. I really do have lovely togs under that shirt, but they are only seen at night or in a shady pool. Look at that body - Jennifer Hawkins eat you heart out!
We had coffee, gooey cakes and delicious pies at nearby bakery before coming home.

In the afternoon we delivered the latest baby quilt. I took my camera but forgot to photograph our newest arrival on her quilt! Rats!!! I'll have to tie that camera around my neck. We got lots of cuddles and I had a lovely play with her 17 months old big sister.

I did manage to sneak in a little sewing. I must learn to read the instructions better. For this SKoW quilt I had to cut 1 and 1/2 inch squares, lots of them but less than what I ended up cutting. Der! Then I had to sew them in pairs and fours. Read carefully - 54 pairs makes 27 quads not make 54 quads. Another der! LOL. Another thing I didn't realize was how many spotty fabrics I had picked out for this quilt. Still I like how it is turning out.
Today was just a lazy one with hubby cooking a Thai green chicken curry for tea. Yummo.
A good week coming up, hopefully with a bit of craft time.
Take care everyone, particularly those in flooded areas down south.


Maria said...

What a lovely trip to the beach! And what a wonderful weekend you two have had. Was that Bribie? It's just that there is a great bakery just a hop step and a jump from the beach there.

Kylie said...

Your SKOW blocks look great. Wow the beach looks lovely xxx

Deb R - frog cottage said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! Hmmm the green curry sounded like a good ending too YUM :)

Shiralee Stitches said...

Good on you.....beach days are a favourite of mine. Your SKof W is looking great...mine has come to a standstill while I concentrate on my school program due next week......then I'll catch up, after Nundle....looking forward to catching up safe...are you coming with Lynda?

Grethe said...

Love your SKoW,great sourondigs for a picture! Your colours are beautiful,tempting .... so maybe one day it will be my turn :-)