Friday, March 9, 2012

Widlife and an Experiment

These two ladies - Maria and Wendy - have been showing the avian wildlife in their parts of Queensland.
I had a go at taking this very rough video below with my little Ixus Canon camera. Taking the video and uploading it is the 'experiment' part of the blog title. It's that learning curve thing again.
These Rainbow Lorikeets are feasting on the Umbrella tree in my neighbour's yard. Because I live on a small block of land and it is a very large tree, these flower heads are not far from my back stairs. The noise the birds make can be quite deafening at times as they fight over the best flowers.
To see these colourful birds when I was a child, you had to go to the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary on the Gold Coast. Feeding time was a world famous show. The tourists would be able to hold out plates of food - a watery mix of bread and honey, I think. The birds knew the feeding times and would fly in en masse, landing on heads, arms and plates. It was a very special treat to go the the sanctuary - to be covered in heavy little birds and be pooped on.

Now to see if it worked.
Take care,


Maria said...

Great video Kayly! I know what you mean about how noisy those lorakeets can be. They visit our yard when the bottlebrushes are covered in flowers.

Susan said...

LOvely birds - we too haev a "lorikeet" tree - right outside my bathroom window - I love watching them in the morning

Grethe said...

It worked,great to see the birds flying,you do have rich colours in you country,beautiful.
Have a super trip,my best wishes to all :o)