Sunday, January 8, 2012

What you do in Queensland....

...or at least the ones who like mangoes do.

Unfortunately, the best ones are at the very top of the tree and our stick with the can taped to it is not long enough!
Need to marry someone taller!!! ;-)
The possums and bats are having a feast on our mangoes. I'll have to train them to pass down some to me.

Happy New Year to everyone,


Susan said...

Well I might be lucky to finally have a sewing room - but lucky you to have mangoes on hand - well sometimes at least.

Grethe said...

How great that you may pick your own mangos; my favorit yougert is with mango and banana!
Never knew they grew on big trees, nice to see:-)

Roseanne said...

O yum I just love mango how lucky to have your own tree.

Anonymous said...

I can send my Hubby to help but what he gets he brings home to ME !!! LOL!