Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip

When I wrote my profile for this blog, I left out an interest in family history - genealogy. I started doing it when I was about 21. It is a great hobby, as it can be picked up and put down when ever life is slow or busy. The only thing that should not be put off is interviews with elderly relatives.
Tomorrow, I'm off on a road trip with my parents. We are going to visit
Boondooma Homestead. German immigrants were keenly sort after by the Colonial Queensland Government in the 1800s. They were very hard working and didn't mind the heat. Two branches of my family ended up working on this station - Wilhelm Brill and his family and Friedrich Muller. Fred married one of Wilhelm's daughters. Wilhelm was a stonemason. He built the stone storehouse on the property. (Although our family stories have the building being used as the second homestead not the storehouse as the first homestead was eaten by termites.) The building still stands. It is built to metric measurements - very unusual in 1855. It may be the very first metric building in Australia. It may also be our family's only claim to fame. LOL.
Hopefully I'll have some good photos to show when I get back. See you then.

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