Thursday, April 22, 2010

Demise of a Green Friend

I nearly did it again. I was half way through writing this blog when I remembered.

To Everyone who has commented on my new adventure and offered words of wisdom and encouragement - THANK YOU
It has been much appreciated.

Now for what I started. DH and I moved into our house just over 23 years ago. We had a lot of fun planting out the front yard. It has grown into quite a mature garden now.
About 5 years ago, it was getting very obvious that Brisbane should have been on water restrictions. We stopped using our sprinkler and went to hand watering. Eventually, we had rainwater tanks installed. They were filled within a week thanks to a subtropical downpour.

It was some time later that the powers-to-be realised water restrictions were needed. Better late than never. I love my garden. It gives me great pleasure. With careful use of tank and grey water, I was able to keep my garden going. Many Brisbaneites were not so lucky.
We did have some casualties. One of the first trees we put in was a swamp bloodwood. Sorry I don't have its correct name at hand. Year after year it gave me big dark pink flowers and then large seed pods. It was certainly a favourite with the birds.
I thought I had lost it last year, but it came good and gave a beautiful flowering.
The drought in SE Queensland looks like it may have broken. After having dams at 17%, they are now 98%.
I thought all was good. My garden had survived, then a couple of the bloodwood's leaves went dry in a day. Then a branch and then the rest. Over the last few years, I just was not able to give it the water it needed.

We bought it down last weekend. Very sad, but not to anyone watching us. They would have had a good laugh. DH and I work well together. I have learnt to make sure myself that there is nothing blocking my path when I have to carry anything where I can't see my feet.
I had my hard hat on this time. Notice I said 'this time'. I've learnt that lesson too. We bought a new tool for the job - an electric pruner
on a 2.5m pole. It's like a little chainsaw on a stick. 2.5 m is good, but not quite long enough. So there's DH on a ladder. Me holding the base. Murderous weapon on a pole stretched out cutting that far branch. I'm sure you get the mental picture.
Anyway it's down now and we didn't kill each other.
I've put in pictures of some of the colour that is in my garden this autumn.

On a craft note - I can't show the blue baby quilt just yet. Two reasons - not quilted and there are 2 more great nieces/nephews on the way. Also I only have the water to stitch in the 'Watering the Garden' stitchery for the stitch-along, then I can finally sew block G.
Keep well everyone.
PS I dicovered that my little point and shoot camera has a macro setting! Maybe I really should read the manual.

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