Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunday Stitchers - March

March's Sunday Stitchers meet saw 3 birthdays and our Easter table runner swap.
Here are all the presents waiting for the Easter Bunny and birthday girls.

I was really stressing out about this swap. Nothing was coming to mind. Normally our swaps are not one on one, but our fearless leader, Maree, set it up that way this time. Of course we were all clueless. Maria and I were paired. Maria and I also go to Sisters of Stitch at our library. So the funniest part was, we both thought to ourselves we can't work on it there as our swap partner would see it. We just didn't know both of us were thinking the same thing!  I even rejoined Pinterest so I could stalk and repin  her Easter pins. My Pinterest page was of no help to her as they were all her pins anyway!
Eventually, I thought of something. A major search of my books, patterns and even bits torn for old magazines yield my bunny from an elderly colouring-in book. I think he's cute. I did use satin stitch in parts. I held my tongue the right way and it turned out acceptable. So I was very pleased.

 Unbeknown to Maria, her green edged runner to matches my dinning table chairs and rug perfectly.
Thank you Maria.

These ladies are all very talented and it was fun to see what they came up with.
What I didn't get good photos of was our raffle in aid of our May's Biggest Morning tea. Check out Maria's blog as she won it!
Thanks (big thanks) and congratulations have to be given to Helen for making, donating and putting it together. It started to look like Aladdin's cave as Maria opened it. We all ended up wishing we had won it!
The next swap is a 12 inch mini. Better put that thinking cap back on.

Take care, everyone.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic day ....great runners X

Noela said...

Lovely post Cheryl. All the table runners look gorgeous. Hugs.....

Show and Tell said...

What a fab day and they all look so beautiful....Well done girls you are all too clever :)