Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not So Secret Sewing

My darling hubby has watched me make quilts for many people and babies.
Recently, after I made my BIL's quilt, I counted up how many I've made and what was to come this year.  It's a very big year for significant birthdays.  I said the total and he said "you mean I'm not going to be number...." Oh, the guilt trip!
I have made a big one for our bed, but I suppose that was an 'us' one not a 'him' one.
It is partly his own fault. Over time he has liked a quilt pattern for which I duly collected the fabric only to change his mind THREE times.
The guilts won out over Easter.
He now has a finished top at least. I do intend to quilt it by the beginning of August as I want to have an entry in the Queensland Quilters Quilt Show.
So he can stop looking neglected!

 I used a Comma layer cake by Zen Chic and the large Twister ruler, holding my breathe every time I made a cut.

I used the leftover pieces from cutting out the blocks to make the scrappy inner border.

Then I repeated the black and white script fabric as an outer border.
He's happy!
I'm glad!

What I'm not so happy about is my effort at a Sew Together bag. It came very close to the bin several times.

My sewing is terrible and it really has rocked my confidence. I've been saying to myself that it was going to be an orphan all the way through making it. I don't like how it looks, but, more so, I don't like how it 'beat' me up.  I have the pattern for the Bionic bag. I might just have a go at it and try for a better looking finished product, one that will be allowed out of the house.
I'm just jealous at all the fabulous ones I've seen in person, on blogs and IG.
I will get over it and stop obsessing, another thing my darling says to me.

Take care, everyone.


Susan said...

Cheryl, we are our own worst critics - we see every stitch that isnt quite right...Does it hold together? do the zips open and close? - are there any holes in it that let things fall out??? No to all???- well then use it enjoy it and maybe make another one later.

Don't beat yourself up about it.

Your twister quilt looks great - I'm sure you will have it quilted in time (or you can farm that job out) and a you'll have a happy husband...and no guilt!!!

shez said...

Hi Cheryl yes I agree with Susan we are our own worst critics.I can see why your hubby is happy he quilt is gorgeous,I love your bag it looks great Cheryl xx

Chookyblue...... said...

love the twister ruler makes such great quilts.............this is yet another the narrow border idea......might have to do that one time.........

Fiona said...

the twister quilt is wonderful.... hubby is lucky....
don't beat yourself up.. many of us (like me) wouldn't even attempt all those zips! you did good...

Janice said...

The twister pattern seems to be a good one for hubbies. I love the colours in yours and think I will steal your border idea for future reference.
Don't beat yourself up with your bag. I gave up on trying to stitch down the binding by machine as I just couldn't get a nice finish. I sewed it all down by hand. The finished product looks great and you will find it to be really handy.

Show and Tell said...

Hi Cheryl.....I love your twister quilt and don't think I can exist in life without one of those handy little gadget it xx

Show and Tell said...
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