Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sobering Thoughts

This is a very small part of the big move. It's a slow process as we need to wait for someone stronger than me to help with the lifting. Could do it once, but the turning staircase gets me.
What's the sobering part?
Realising just how much stuff (read - fabric) I have accumulated.
Must get a new mantra - no more stash building!
Back to it or I'll spend all day playing with what I find.
Take care,


Chookyblue...... said...

no joy in moving the sewing room........did it once.........OMG.......did find some stuff I had lost/misplaced though.........

Susan said...

The joy is hopefully at the end when its all neat and organised...but the process?? not so much fun.

Maureen Clare said...

Like Chookyblue my last move from my old into my new 'pod' was rather frightening. I have plans for the signature pink walls, the cutsie window treatment but now, 3 desks later, 1 large bookcase, 2 movable trolleys, I am leaning more to decorating the walls with quilts. Painting would cut into my sewing time. In other words Cheryl I fully understand. xox