Friday, August 22, 2014

Hervey Bay - Fraser Island (Very Late)

My next post will be about our trip last week back up to Hervey Bay for whale watching. Before that, I had better do the promised but now very late post about the day trip we took to Fraser Island when we were up there at Easter.
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world or so I thought. I think that fact is now being disputed, but never mind it's the largest sand island I've ever been to.
DH and I did a day trip because, although we now have an all wheel drive vehicle with higher clearance, I don't think it qualifies as a car that can go on Fraser. Also I wanted someone else to do the driving, catering and organising.

 It was a very early start. We went over to the island as walk-on passengers on the vehicle ferry.

Moral of this tale now - if you are looking for a quiet, scenic, peaceful place - don't go at Easter or at any school holiday time. These are only a few of the buses that were working that day.

 We did all the quick day trip touristy things, including the stunning freshwater Lake Mackenzie.

 Fraser is now a National Park, but for many many years it was home to a large timber industry. There are some very tall trees growing on this sand island.

 Also some crystal clear creeks.

 The surf (eastern) side of the island is a highway with speed limits, police patrols, speed guns and RBTs (random breathe testing). It just doesn't have lane markings; they would only get washed away with every tide. The number of lanes depends on how high the water is. We were in what is really a converted but comfortable truck. We were bigger and stronger than the other 4WDs. We went closer to the water's edge and faster than everyone else. It was VERY disconcerting having, on that day, about 5 lanes going in what ever direction up or down you liked and the there were the caravans! There is no such thing as a quiet stroll on the beach.  Still there were lots of fishermen trying their luck both with the fish and traffic. I loved (not) seeing the 4WDs going around, past and between the fishermen and their kit.

 Like I said it was busy with tourists.

 We did get to see the wreck of the Maheno without the hordes.

 Eli Creek - millions of litres of fresh water pour out each day. Parking here was worst than our local shops, but it was a beautiful spot.

 We went back on the ferry as the sun set on a very enjoyable day. I was glad someone else did the driving. It was real 4 wheel driving territory.

One day we might get back there. I would love to bushwalk on it.

Now for the whales,


Fiona said...

lovely to see your pictures... we spent a couple of nights at Fraser Island a few years ago and went to those spots... so lovely walking down memory lane with your pictures...

Chookyblue...... said...

thank goodness there was not that many people there when we went years ago.....beautiful spot.......

Janice said...

We visited there last year on a day trip like yours. . Fortunately it wasn't as busy. It was a really interesting place to visit.