Friday, January 17, 2014

Last Day of Summer Break

Just pottering around on the last day of my summer break. I was going to say it is too hot to do any gardening, but I have just seen photos and the temps from down south. I don't have anything to complain about the weather here today. My heart and best wishes are with anyone affected by the high temperature, bushfires and the drought. 

I 've been tidying...the house...sewing area...the camera SD card...finished items on blog sidebar...etc.
I realised I forgot to show Master H1's quilt. He arrived back in June.(Slack blogger, I am.) My sister had her 3rd and 4th grandchildren arrive last year. We are up to our 12th grandniece/nephew, with the 13th to arrive shortly. So forgive me if a baby quilt slipped my mind. By the way, did you know there is no collective noun for nieces and nephews. Please correct me, if I'm wrong.

I made 2 Paddington Bear tops awhile ago, this one and a green version.All I had to do was quilt it. We added a Paddington Bear book to the present. It went down well, as the new Mum turned out to be a huge Paddington fan.

These are the swap presents I made for our Bloggers Meet and Chookyblue's SSCS. I did make similar presents. The bags have different linings, but they are made of fabric I just love. Had them in the stash for awhile and thought this was the perfect time to finally use them. They are stylised chooks on the red fabric.You can see that better a few photos down. The bags are large and the idea is to use them instead of plastic bags when grocery shopping.

I did 2 plum pudding ornaments. I loved doing them. Marilyn also got a crocheted and embroidered hanky.

Marilyn with her bag

My SSCS went all the way to Martine in Belgium. It is exciting to send a parcel to the other side of the world.

 Martine got the bag, and the pudding ornament, as well as a copy of Natalie Bird's new book, a tea cup shaped thread organiser and a covered shopping list notebook.

This week I went back to work on something for me - Sue Daley's Square Dance. I have been dragging the chain on it. It is my take out project as it is so portable. I have finished appliqueing all the rings and have made a start on the borders. The best bit has been auditioning the colour combinations.It won't take long to put it together once all the hand sewing is finished.

So that means, Dawnie, I'll be freer to start that challenge. I have gathered my background fabrics and have been looking through stash and the scrap box for suitable applique pieces. ;-)  Not a time wasting activity at all!  LOL

Next week, I'm back trying to get reluctant sweaty teenagers fitted into  school uniforms and remembering what subjects they choose so they get the right books. (Note to self - just remember it pays for your  obsession hobby!)

Do take care everyone.
Till next time,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)

PS- Sorry about those unsolicited emails, if they are still arriving.


Annik-Snor said...

You have made beautiful things, is it ok if I copy your babyquilt?

Susan said...

Its always a bit of a pain those first few days back...
You did get a lot done - I haven't got around to doing a post on what I did on my 3 week break - I'm not sure where that time went....
love the baby quilt - very effective way to show off the print.

Jenny said...

I love the baby quilt . So cute.