Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And Finally to All......

to Everyone.

I have given up on making New Year resolutions. I never keep them. This year I am making some hopes instead.
I hope for more action and less procrastination. I would also like to stop wasting my time on rubbish TV. We'll see how I go.
I'm behind in some photos.

This is Master H2's finished quilt.

This is my Secret Santa's present from Maree in place during Christmas.

 I have to show you these cute, and delicious, strawberry Santas and savoury penguins, made by my friend R and her husband for our patchwork kitchen table group's break-up. I think the ideas came from Pinterest. Got to love the internet for ideas.

DH and I were very lucky to have been given tickets to the Brisbane International Tennis by Suncorp Insurance. We've never been to the fancy tennis centre, built on the southside. We had a great time, easy to get there and back, with free transport, plenty of places to eat, and great seats. We saw a doubles match on the outside courts and then we watched the Federer/Nieminen and Azarenka/Dellacqua single matches. I won't be surprised if we go again next year. So good promotion, Suncorp.

We've bought a large piece of hope for the coming year.
From this .....

 to this....

I've seen a figure on the scales that I've never seen before....a bit of a shock...walking is about the only exercise I like...I already walk with neighbours, but our jaws probably get a better workout than our legs....so here's hoping I can achieve something with it.

Just realised I have not shown you what I made for my Christmas swaps, but I might save that for the next post.

Take care everyone,
Cheryl (aka Kayly)
PS I've had a few comments about the game of Bobs, we played on Christmas Day. When I can borrow it from Dad, I'll do a post on it.

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helbel19 said...

Great post Cheryl..... love the walking machine photos, gave me a good laugh.... thank you