Thursday, June 21, 2012

NSW Quilt Guild Show 2012

 These are just a small small sample of the amazing and awesome quilts on display at the 30th anniversary NSW Quilt Guild show at the Sydney Craft Show.

 The colour, the quality and the workmanship were stunning.
I did not feel intimidated. I came away inspired, keen to try harder, do better and to try things outside my comfort zone. I want to take more chances with my colour choices and try different techniques.

 Let's hope all this enthusiasm translates to more action!

I'd love to be able to go again next year!

Take care everyone,


Susan said...

Thanks so much for these pictures - its good to see what different pictures are popping up everywhere. too - just love that top right hand one.
What a lovely thing to make those quilts for Chookyblue and her sister.

Deb R - frog cottage said...

The show is a definate each year if you can, you can always one gorgeous quilt to make you smile!!

Chookyblue...... said...

I came home inspired too to try more things........step up the challenge a little more in something small......I'm aiming to get back 2014.......

Maria said...

Absolutely beautiful quilts!