Monday, June 6, 2011

Glorious Weekend in old Brisbane.

DH and I had a great weekend. It started with us joining DH's workmates on Friday night to watch the movie 'X-Men - First Class' on the BIG screen at Southbank. The night started with mezza at Ahmets Turkish Restaurant and later coffee and cake at Toscani's. Yum.

Saturday was Open Day at the John Oxley Library, as part of the celebrations for Queensland Day. This part of the State Library deals with everything related to the history and development of Queensland. It has such diverse things as sheet music, maps, advertising posters, family photo albums, tea cups,and paper patterns, as well as books and many other items. We got to see a little of the 'behind the scenes' activity.

Sunday, we ate our way through the artisan cheese stalls at the public day for the Brisbane Cheese Awards at Portside. Again Yum! My diet was on suspension. It was a good day with a large turn out of people. You had to wait in a lot of lines, but they moved quickly and it was fun to talk to the people waiting with you.

There are some truly delicious cheeses being made in Australia. I urge anyone who enjoys their cheese to try them.

This is the first time I can name drop. We got to meet and talk with Will Studd the presenter of 'Cheese Slices'. Ah, the life of middle aged groupies!

Of course, we made purchases. We should be able to string these out just nicely.

Hope everyone had a good one, too.
'Till next time,


Wendy B said...

Awwww Kayly, I'm drooling!!! Ahmets is my fave hangout whenever I get down to Brisvegas and a cheese festival!!!!.......absolute M-A-G-I-C!!! I can relate to the middle aged groupie syndrome....if I'd been there, I'd be stringing along behind for Will!!!! hehehe
(only because he knows his cheeses so well!!!!)
sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Maria said...

What a great weekend you both had!!! How wonderful to actually meet Will Studd!!I love that show.