Friday, June 3, 2011

A Bit D(eep) & M(eaningful)

A little while ago, I had quick tidy up in my sewing area, as you do every so often. I quickly realised I have too much 'stuff', as many of us have. I put myself on the 'wagon' so to speak. No more purchases of fabric or books or patterns! Look, admire but don't buy!
Well I fell off pretty quick.

Anni Downs' new book, 'Some Kind of Wonderful', came
out. Everyone was raving about it, and rightly so.
Then Fishpond had a half priced craft book sale. My fingers are itching to get back to crocheting, after doing those scarves for the school's craft stall. The books haven't arrived yet, but the Textile Art Craft Show is on the June long weekend. Some unusual yarn would be nice. ;-)
I'm keeping the economy going and supporting designers and retailers. That's how I justify it.
Now for the D & M bit. I had a bigger clean up and reorganisation this morning. There is not enough time left in my life to do all the things I would like to do. My Mum had a major clean up and out at about the same age. I didn't understand it at the time. I can
now. One needs to get rid of all the clutter to see clearly and not just in the physical sense. You have to work out what's important and make life less complicated.

On a much lighter note - my darling hubby makes the best pancakes. He's got that recipe down pat. At last week's Farmers Market, we got some
fresh raspberries. This was breakfast. Yummo!

We also bought these heritage tomatoes - green stripy ones and a pink ones. They tastes like real tomatoes!

I can't get over the fact that it is June already. Another year flying by. I really want time to slow down!

'Till next time.
Take care everybody,


Maria said...

I'm a lot younger than you Kayly but I've come to the same conclusion in the last few weeks that I have more stuff than I can ever use...trouble is I have a friend who keeps unloading lovely craft stuff on me that she won't be using. (as well as buying stuff myself of course!) My first goal though is to find homes for my blue willow china collection.

Grethe said...

Love the fresh colours:great green tomatoes:-)and I am feeling the taste of you DH`s pan-cakes,great!!!
Anni`s book is my night-time reading at the moment. So glad I bought it.
Good comments from you,keeping the designers and retailers busy (good or bad??)
Happy Crafting to you:-)

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Oh Kayly that is my rule too.... I MUST stick to it at the moment as i've put my Husband on a spending diet so I too much diet. I'd LOVE this book but I haven't made anything out of her other one yet so no no no... I'll drool over yours. :)

Susan said...

Hahaha! Look, admire, don't buy! I will have to quote you one of these days!