Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Caravans and Pumpkins.

Hubbie's sister and her husband have joined a vintage caravan club. Until recently they went away with the group in their modern van, but they had to park it away from the vintage ones!

They now have their own and it is a beauty! It is a rare 'Kennedy' produced in Victoria in 1969. Okay, so unlike their modern van, it does not have air-conditioning or an ensuite, but it is so roomy. It is in wonderful condition. My SIL has made new curtains and has bought a china electric jug with an orange lid, perfectly matching the interior. My BIL is working on his American pick-up, circa 1956. It's curvy, just like the van. Evidently they have to match.

As it was in its shed, this was the best photo I could get.

My SIL grows pumpkins, They are perfect examples of the butternut variety.

In everything but the size!!!!!!

'Til next time,

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