Monday, January 3, 2011

Quiet Week.

DH had the last week off. He didn't want to, as he had plenty of work to do and we wanted to save his holidays for a few long weekends later in the year. He works for a large corporation and the edict was everyone out for the week. It's been a quiet week with all this rain.
So I have been able to finish all the stitcheries for the Gardener's Journal. Now I need to applique the hearts, make the last 2 blocks and put the top together. I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out. DH pottered in his shed and made a possum box.We have also been to the post-Christmas sales. I got a couple of tops and a new roasting pan. In other words, it was somewhere to go while it rained.

This is this year's Christmas jigsaw. Nearly finished.

We made the most of the 2 fine days we have had. Plenty of washing and the lawn got mowed. We also went to dinner at this restaurant - Watt at the Powerhouse. The Powerhouse was once just that the Brisbane City Council powerhouse. It was decommissioned many years ago. Most of it was dismantled. Someone was smart enough to realise its great potential. It is now an entertainment precinct with 2 good restaurants. This one's on the level of the walk/bike way. So people can just stop for a drink and small bowls of food, and enjoy a great view of the river, or like we did enjoy a delicious 3 course meal. I wish I had taken a photo of my entree. It was a tomato tarte tatin with goat's cheese and a salsa verde. Simply Divine.
DH is back to work tomorrow, so I had better go and iron his shirt. Ironing is not my favourite thing and, boy oh boy, is my ironing pile huge. I wonder if there is blog to encourage people to do their ironing just like this one for WIPs.


Grethe said...

That restaurant by the water looks very nice. I am sure you loved the meal there. Really different climate we live in! It will take months before we may sit outside. Lovely 3 ladies,we are getting closer to the finish.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to you from me:-)

Chookyblue...... said...

good to see some GJ stitching.........must get some more traced today..........

DAWNIE said...

hi kayly
mmmm Ican seen Gardener's journal coming along - nice work

Wendy B said...

ooo, I remember the Powerhouse when it WAS the Powerhouse too!!!! doesn't seem that long ago!
I can so relate to the ironing issue too....I've ended up hanging everything up in the closets unironed and ironing as I need once I've decided what to wear....I find they are less creased this way...probably as much as if I'd ironed them and hung them up in the first place!!!....and at least I know what clothes I have now and they're not lost in the bottom of the ironing basket!!!! LOL
sugary hugs
Wendy :O) XX