Saturday, January 1, 2011

Have you got a dryer????

It is very unusual for bird to sit on this verandah, especially when we were just on the other side of the window doing the dishes. It kept following our movements. Poor thing seemed to be after a bit of attention and maybe a bit of sympathy. It's raining again. Dad and sibling were looking for food out in the rain.
I just checked the weather report. Half of our state of Queensland is now under water. To put it in prospective for my overseas friends, the area in flood is bigger than the US state of Texas or bigger than France and Germany combined.
Our thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Queenslanders as they battle the floodwater and the mud and devastation it will leave behind.
Take care everyone,

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BubzRugz said...

I find it's hard to imagine all that water....
Happy New Year.... may 2011 bring all that you hope for.... and more...