Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Brisbane Open House

Brisbane has been holding as 'Open House' weekend in October for a few years now, but we always seemed to be busy and miss out. This year we set the date aside and other things were missed instead.
Some of the houses/buildings need to be booked. They may have size/numbers/parking restrictions. We were late organising our itinerary so next year we will be quicker to book some of these.
Can't complain though as we had a very entertaining day in the city and we saw lots more than we thought. In fact - 3 churches, 1 water reservoir, the base of the old windmill (need to book to go up top), the Grand Masonic Lodge, the General Post Office and the new ABC building.
After which my feet and stomach gave out and we ended up at Ole in Southbank with a pitcher of sangria and tapas.

 The no-longer-needed-but-can-be-hired water reservoirs on Wickham Tce. They would make a very unusual venue for a party.

 The Grand Masonic Lodge. The other floors were also on display with regalia and historical items. The long timber seating was installed via the roof when the building was being constructed. There would be no way any of could be moved now without going out the same way.

 One of the churches - St Andrew's  Uniting Church. Very restrained Art Nouveau.

 The GPO with its odd assortment of buildings attached as the need arose to the original sandstone building.

The news floor of the ABC building. We met people from the radio and television sections, heard how programs and the news are put together and broadcast. We went inside the TV news studio where we saw 'weathergirl' Jenny Woodward's green screen and learnt how it worked.
In all, it was an interesting day.

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Susan said...

Sounds like an interesting day.

Maree: said...

The ABC Building sounded Interesting Cheryl Thanks for Sharing...