Friday, March 13, 2015

Pinned, Quilted and Delivered!

Using plastic tables to pin worked a treat. I am definitely not using the floor again!

I have since bought better clamps. Unfortunately the ones in the photo were too shallow to hold on to the table tightly.  DH will get these for his workroom, so he's not complaining.

 The quilt being pinned has been delivered to the birthday boy. I think he likes it.  My SIL does, as it matches her lounge room. LOL.

Our February meeting of The Sunday Stitchers saw us and friends having a workshop with the lovely Natalie Bird.

 It was a very enjoyable day. There was 'Show & Tell' of things made from Natalie's patterns.  We were very well fed. No photos of the food...too busy eating it.

I am pleased with how I have been getting through my heavy list of must-dos for this year. Everything is on schedule. Actually that is bit of a surprise to me. Just goes to show, I can achieve things if I focus.
There were  2 3 things on my 'if I have time' list. Two I have not achieved - the Queensland Quilters Challenge and last year's bag from GDITC. They were only hopes, so I'm not disappointed and the second one will get there one day anyway. The third was a go at an entry for the 'Lest We Forget' challenge for  the Australian Quilt Convention. I thought I had missed it but I got an email saying the deadline had been put back a week.
Now I know I am not an arty quilter! I have submitted my entry form and will be very surprised if I get asked to send it down. It was just something I really wanted to have a go at. More time and a bit more care would have made a better effort. There was no time for unpicking or finding a better/correct printer.  I figure the photos won't fade for a couple of years.
I used copies of the photos my Grandparents swapped when Grandad went off to WW1 and two of the postcards he sent back. I tried to mimic his handwriting and the greetings he used on the cards.
I was a tail end grandchild and therefore knew only the old man. These postcards give an insight to the 20 year who love his girlfriend (later wife).

 To Gran (my darling Meg) and Grandad (your ever loving Alf)

GDITC next week. Yeah!

Take care,


Susan said...

YOur quilt is a lovely idea Cheryl

Fiona said...

your quilt is lovely Cheryl, such warm colours.... table tops are so much nicer than floors for pinning arent't they?

Show and Tell said...

Great Job Cheryl....You are very clever x

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

I love your grandparents story!.. I hope your quilt is accepted. Xx