Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sydney Craft Show

This is a novel way to go to a craft show.  It's bought about by a change of venue. The old site is being redeveloped.
Off hopefully to a great day, especially seeing I've been up since 4am to catch the plane.
Take care,


Dianne said...

Have a great time. I have had emails from Fifi's and Be be Bold about being there at Sydney. Enjoy your crafty break

Susan said...

Oh Lucky you!!! Enjoy!

helbel19 said...

Have fun Cheryl.....spend up


Grethe said...

Hope you find lots of `must buy` exciting things, enjoy yourself :-)

Anita said...

Well you snuck that visit in! What day did you come down? Should have let me know.....might have been able to catch up!!